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Unifi Governance Token (UNFI)

One Token to Rule Them All

Introducing the Unifi Token (UNFI)

Unifi Protocol is designed as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), governed via a decentralized governance token. As a multi-chain DeFi protocol, Unifi requires a method to govern the global policies that influence the entire protocol across all blockchains.

Global Protocol Governance

Unifi Protocol consists of components on various blockchains that work independently from one another. As described in the documentation on UP tokens, blockchain specific governance will be achieved through UP tokens.

“Incentivized Community Governance aligns liquidity providers, traders, and the entire multi-chain community’s interests behind supporting Unifi Protocol. As the protocol grows in size and number of blockchains, all token holders benefit.”

Global Unifi governance decisions are those that impact the protocol on all chains governed by UNFI. These could include foundation development priorities, cross chain interoperability, or referendums on expansion of the protocol. One of the more important governance roles of UNFI is the ability to modify the UNFI governance process itself. As the representation of the entire multi-chain protocol, UNFI is the public face of the Unifi Protocol to be listed on major exchanges.

Unifi Token Arbitrage, Exclusive Access, and Yield Farming

UNFI will provide another way to utilize the value stored in the UP economy of each blockchain, providing the ability to move value into the composite UNFI economy. UNFI allows freedom of movement between different UP opportunities, creating exclusive pathways available only within the protocol. Unifi Protocol users can use UNFI to gain access to exclusive price discovery based arbitrage opportunities between chains utilizing UP. UNFI will also allow yield farming through enabling a liquidity provider to take earned rewards through the most beneficial path on any Unifi blockchain.

Unifi Token Statistics

UNFI is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows UNFI to interact directly with ETH, or any other DeFi tokens through uTrade and other established trading/swap solutions.



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