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Unifi Protocol debuts DARBi — a decentralized arbitrage solution with high security and sustainable returns

Unifi Protocol announces our newest blockchain product, DARBi, a decentralized arbitrage solution for private institutional participation in DeFi.

DARBi offers DeFi participants a sustainable, market-neutral strategy for reliable and predictable yield while decreasing asset loss risk from market volatility. This cutting edge, risk management smart contract solution provides maximum security for taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities to hedge against market exposure.

DARBi Ushers in The Next Evolution of Blockchain Token

DARBi will feature as a core component of Unifi Protocol’s latest $11M infrastructure upgrade occurring in Q3 2022.

By utilizing DARBi’s proprietary arbitrage technology, Unifi is upgrading our multichain ecosystem to run on a completely decentralized, over-collateralized reserve token ($UP) which can sustainably generate passive yield for participants.

The DARBi launch follows the only one of its kind, wrapperless cross-chain bridging solution released by Unifi in April. Major product launches such as DARBi are approved by holders of $UNFI, the governance token for the Unifi Protocol ecosystem.

Juliun Brabon, CEO of Unifi Protocol, had this to say on the implementation of DARBi,

“DARBi is an important part of Unifi’s strategy for safely and sustainably compounding the backed value of UP by better managing collateral with automatic market neutral strategies. To the benefit of all UP holders, Darbi will unlock secure, on-chain growth entirely managed by smart contract automation using our existing architecture.”

How it Works

DARBi Pro is a bespoke DeFi solution. Each client funds their own private DARBi liquidity pools with exclusive control over arbitrage transactions against other public pools. Strategic exposure to price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market allows DARBi to maximize capital efficiency for Unifi Protocol customers with users retaining custody of their funds at all times.

Clients can further optimize their results with DARBi Pro by customizing how they realize their returns and by employing advanced features such as automated yield compounding and unique self-leveraged strategies.

DARBi Pro successfully completed its first real-world deployment by a large investment firm in Q2 of 2022, performing well amidst a turbulent 60% drawdown in the market.

Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to Unifi Protocol for a demonstration at contact@unifiprotocol.com

About Unifi Protocol DAO

Unifi Protocol has been building the foundation for a truly sustainable blockchain economy since 2018. We continue to bring groundbreaking blockchain applications to market with a vision for a decentralized future.

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