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Unifi Protocol (UNFI) is Listed on Binance Launchpool

UNFI Global Governance Token to be listed on Binance Exchange

Unifi is consistently achieving the milestones laid out in our . Recently, we unveiled information on the for the , detailing the revolutionary and rewarding ecosystem. The positive reception from the community has been overwhelming as everyone is excited to obtain and begin staking them for rewards.

Unifi has grown rapidly. In just three short months, Unifi has launched on Binance Smart Chain, Ontology, Tron, Harmony. Ethereum development will follow shortly. Unifi has also won community support, receiving a grant from the ICON community to develop Unifi there.

We are extremely proud to announce that the Unifi Protocol has been approved for and will soon be listed on the ! 400,000 UNFI tokens will be made available for mining on Launchpool. This accounts for 4% of the total supply of 10,000,000 UNFI.

What is the Unifi Protocol?

is a group of non-custodial, interoperable, decentralized, and multi-chain smart contracts providing the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development. The Unifi Protocol is designed to provide developers with functional DeFi building blocks linking multiple blockchains together into one large DeFi marketplace. is the working proof-of-concept for harnessing multi-chain and multi-platform liquidity mining to power UNFI, Unifi’s Global Governance Token.

The incorporates the development team’s tokenomics and representative blockchain governance expertise, gained through operating nodes on multiple top blockchains. UNFI’s highly rewarding Global Governance Model drives the formation of entire communities that are incentivized to advocate for UNFI to be as successful as possible.

The Unifi Protocol has Launched on Multiple Blockchains

This is not like a typical Lauchpool listing, many of which are still in the concept or design phase.

uTrade is already live on four different blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (). You can mine UP right now by depositing liquidity in uTrade on any Unifi blockchain. UP tokens on each integrated blockchain will have access to migrate into UNFI and participate in the Global Governance Model to earn Staking Rewards.

UNFI Rewards — Stake Your UNFI for More Rewards

Under the UNFI PoS ecosystem, candidates for the Unifi Council of Representatives will campaign for election as a Council Representative. Council Representatives will have the ability to propose or vote on changes to the Unifi DAO while earning .

UNFI token holders can earn for staking their UNFI tokens, and may earn even more rewards by delegating to their chosen Community Council Representative. The Council Representatives and their extensive communities will span across multiple blockchains forming the Unifi Global Governance Model powered by UNFI.

Stake NOW for Special UNFI Rewards Promotion

Unifi will be offering a significant Staking Rewards promotion during the Launchpool Mining event. Community Governance is very important to Unifi and this staking event will continue until the Global Governance Model begins and Community Council Representatives are elected. Details will be annouced via Unifi’s social media outlets such as or .

Ethereum Staking

We are especially pleased to be the first project to offer Launchpool mining for Ethereum tokens. One of the next blockchains to be integrated with the Unifi Protocol has already been announced as Ethereum. As the excitement for the release of Ethereum 2.0 continues to build, the timing could not have been better to introduce our Proof of Stake UNFI Global Governance Token as an ERC-20.

Unifi is ready to usher in this new era of staking Ethereum tokens, both as part of the Launchpool event and as an integral element to the Unifi DAO governance model. UNFI will showcase the experience and expertise in staking tokenomics and community governance.

Unifi Protocol’s can be found at . You can also connect to the Unifi community on , , or . Developers — check out our bounty list to develop on the Unifi Protocol at



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