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uTrade V2: Explore All the New Features

There is something here for everyone! Developers, Token Creators, UNFI Holders , Liquidity Providers— come get inspired.

Key points:

  • Customizable smart contracts, customizable UP mint rates, and flexible fee structures allow outside projects to build more efficient systems with special features other AMMs do not offer!
  • All new developer-friendly smart contracts with industry standard contract calls
  • New features such as token routing provide access to larger liquidity pools, while still achieving the benefits of using Unifi
  • All new user interface

uTrade V2 — A Huge Step Forward

Unifi Protocol is designed to provide the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development. uTrade V2, built using Protocol smart contracts, is another step in the embodiment of that ideal. To allow for standardized integrations, uTrade V2 is now more compatible with Uniswap style smart contract interactions. This opens Unifi to easily integrate with already developed projects such as Aave, Compound, ACS, and other Ethereum/EVM/BSC compatible projects.

Creating A Developer’s Playground
Compatibility with Uniswap smart contract integrations is just the beginning. Unifi allows for the advancement of traditional DeFi concepts with the introduction of novel features such as:

  • Customizable fee structure per project
  • Customizable LP reward mint rate
  • Emphasis on sustainability
  • LP rewards token 100% backed by fees paid to the Protocol
  • Cross chain compatibility
  • Plus even more — Watch Unifi’s developer documentation for additional opportunities

All of these features together — not found on any other platform — make uTrade V2 a powerful engine for inspiration. This creates opportunities the next wave of DeFi developers can innovate upon. uTrade V2 opens up a world of possibilities across multiple blockchains, for the builders and the pioneers, which ultimately rewards everyone.

Developer Support and Bounties

We very much look forward to the integration of established projects with uTrade V2, as well as exciting new projects that have yet to announce their ideas. Unifi will be improving developer documentation to support those who wish to build products and services on the Protocol, such as routers, aggregators, or arbitrage bots. Once the documentation is ready, Unifi will begin to provide incentives for development on Unifi. Development built on the Unifi Protocol provides a healthy and complete UNFI ecosystem.

Unifi Protocol is creating opportunities the next wave of DeFi developers can innovate upon. uTrade V2 opens up a world of possibilities across multiple blockchains, for the builders and the pioneers, which ultimately rewards everyone.

The UNFI token will continue to be the Protocol’s Global Governance Token. UNFI holders will guide developer incentives, choose worthy projects, and ensure the Unifi Protocol grows at a vigorous and healthy rate.

What has changed with uTrade V2?

The upgraded version of uTrade will still include familiar features, with the addition of some exciting new advanced features outlined below.

We have broken down the highlights to focus on two demographics:
1) All uTrade users
2) Developers building on the Protocol or projects seeking to partner with Unifi

Easily visible to all uTrade users:

  • Brand New Interface

Sleek new user interface, in dark mode.

  • Single Side Liquidity

Liquidity providers need only provide one side of the pair. The smart contract will automatically sell half in order to purchase the other side of the pair and balance the pool of liquidity. This is an upgrade from V1 when liquidity providers were required to provide both sides of the pair.

  • Users can Add New Listings

If you don’t see your favorite token on uTrade, you can list it yourself! Users will easily be able to add a new token pairing to the platform. This feature will create multiple use opportunities, allowing users to create the pairs they want to support, which enhances a thriving DeFi ecosystem. If a similar token pairing already exists on uTrade, it can not be created again with this function.

  • Built-in Token Routing for Users creates Unlimited Trading Options

Restrictions for which tokens can be paired with each other have been removed. Users can trade various tokens against each other in endless combinations. Not only will this allow traders to create pairings they desire to use, but projects can premiere tokens through the Unifi ecosystem with benefits not found on other DeFi platforms. The development of this type of token routing also sets the foundation for future features such as trading tokens between different blockchains.

  • Paving the way for Cross-Chain Functionality

uTrade V2 has many behind the scenes components built to pave the way for cross-chain swaps, when Unifi blockchains will be united through DeFi. Join Unifi’s social media for more updated information as the progress toward linking multiple chains continues.

  • Trading Fees

The entire overall fee system was examined and updated to a new and more easily understood structure. As a part of keeping overall fees low, the rebate to traders is being removed from uTrade V2. It was found that the additional cost of providing this rebate raised network transaction fees considerably, and caused incompatibilities with certain functions. Refining Unifi’s smart contract interactions leads to lower network fees, which is a win for liquidity providers and traders alike!

  • Unifi Farms

uTrade v2 will support new perpetual farm features, increased rewards, and provide support for other projects built on Unifi. Unifi Farms will not be available as V2 goes live, so watch for this exciting uTrade addition to launch in the future!

Do you have a great idea for a way to use a liquidity pool, but the smart contract parameters are set in such a way that your project can’t fly? Unifi can help!

Enhanced Options for Projects and Developers:

  • Developer friendly smart contracts

uTrade V2 smart contracts are compatible with Uniswap’s smart contracts calls, making them more developer friendly. Recognizable contract calls and functions and open access to Unifi-specific features such as UP minting, will allow developers to easily move existing products or services to Unifi. It will also provide an environment for innovation to create new services inside the unique Unifi ecosystem. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions on how to make it much easier to build on Unifi Protocol. The incorporation of a more robust developer community on the Protocol benefits everyone.

  • Token Routing helps Developers too!

Built-in Token Routing ensures efficient and optimal trading and liquidity adding. Low liquidity pairs can be a barrier to entry for newly created pools (token pairs). As an example, built-in token routing allows a user to add a single side to the liquidity pool. This is accomplished through 3rd party AMM token routing natively built into the Add Liquidity functions of uTrade pools. Access to additional liquidity through routing allows developers to use other platform’s liquidity pools, but reap the benefits of doing so through Unifi’s sustainable tokenomics model.

  • Project Launches

Project launches and token premiers can be achieved in a more favorable environment on Unifi, with a lower overall cost. Tokens can be launched into an established system, with a higher recovery rate of the trading fees generated by the launching project. This is in addition to establishing a newly created project within a thriving cross-chain ecosystem. Projects wanting to customize smart contract parameters for a token launch, should contact Unifi at the email address provided below.

  • Customizable Smart Contract Parameters

Do you have a great idea for a way to use a liquidity pool, but the smart contract parameters are set in such a way that your project can’t fly? Within certain guidelines, Unifi can help you create customized pool parameters, UP minting parameters, contract interactions, and help you find ways to make your project be as successful as possible on the Unifi Protocol. uTrade is built with developer customization and use in mind! Projects must meet criteria to qualify. Interested developers should send a detailed proposal to the Developer Contact email address provided below.

  • Enhanced Partnership and Developer Support

As a part of the upgrade to uTrade V2, Unifi is increasing its commitment to developer support. Parts of the Unifi Protocol will become open-source. Some development information is currently viewable on our Github https://github.com/unifiprotocol. Additional information, documentation, and support will be available on Github over time, as the phases of uTrade V2 are deployed. Additional information on forming partnerships, developing on the Unifi Protocol, or using Unifi Protocol to support your specific project’s goals, email us at the email address provided below!

Unifi continues to move with the changing DeFi landscape and looks towards the future. Sesameseed and Unifi have years of history demonstrating we can thrive in any market conditions, and overcome any challenges. uTrade V2 is just another example of how Sesameseed and Unifi continue to adapt and grow.

Unifi Protocol and uTrade can be found at https://www.unifiprotocol.com.

Connect with the Unifi community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or Medium.

Stake UNFI, earn rewards, and be part of the Global Unifi Protocol DAO governance. https://gov.unifiprotocol.com/my-dashboard.

For additional information on forming partnerships, developing on the Unifi Protocol, or using Unifi Protocol to support your project’s goals, email us! contact@unifiprotocol.com

Communications from Unifi are subject to Unifi’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.




Unifi Protocol incentivizes community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains. Earn UP, Hold UNFI.

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