FOX Presale Dates Announced, with $11.2M Expected in Community Contributions!

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Sep 28, 2018 · 6 min read

After extensive planning, we are happy to announce the dates for the official FOX presale, which will be held from October 28th to November 25th. In a survey distributed on September 21, over 5000 users have expressed the intention to contribute over $11,000,000 USD to the presale.

Presale details:

Start date: 28th October 1:00 PM UTC

Sale price: $0,25 USD

Sale Goal: $2,500,000 USD

Minimum investment: $50 USD

Bonus structure:

First 48 hours — 50% bonus
1st week — 40% bonus
2nd week — 35% bonus
3rd week — 30% bonus
4th week — 25% bonus

Supported payment methods:

- Bank transfer
(More to come)

Community development:

The UniFox community continues to grow. Over the last six months, we have gained over 81,000 active members on social media sites, we have organized three community meetings, and our ICO video has been seen by over 10,000 viewers.

New Promo Video!

(500 giftcodes inside)

A day with UniFox! Gift codes in the video

Dividend distributions to begin in December 2018

As an established and profitable business, UniFox will use the proceeds from the token sale to hasten the global expansion of the business. All four of UniFox’s primary product lines are working. As some are already revenue positive (the Online Local Exchange is in the final phase of testing, and the POS terminals will soon enter the final phase of testing in dozens of shops in Europe), UniFox will begin to distribute monthly dividends to token holders as of December 2018. Dividends will be issued proportionally to token holders with a minimum balance of 6000 FOX at the monthly closing date. Masternodes (holders with a minimum of 200,000 FOX) receive, in addition to the regular dividend, a bonus that represents a share of 5% of the total dividends (before general distribution). Further information about dividends distribution will be released prior to December 2018.

Purchasing FOX during the sale:

The process is simple. Sign up/in at backoffice and go to “My wallet”. Select payment method and indicate the amount to be invested. Lastly, send funds to the address that is then displayed. Funds may be sent directly from exchanges. UniFox will release a guide for purchasing FOX several days before the presale begins.

Planned use of Presale funds:

UniFox will remain fully transparent in its allocation of raised presale funds. Approximately 35% of all raised funds will be dedicated to development costs that include those incurred by fixing software bugs, implementing new coins and tokens on the system, and developing the Decentralised UniFox exchange. The remaining 65% will be used to fund marketing efforts, listing fees for exchanges, and legal and administrative fees.

Prior to the main sale, UniFox has committed to deploying 50 working POS terminals and 20 ATMs. Additionally, Unicash (the stable token) will be listed on exchanges, enabled as a payment method in local markets and e-shops, and implemented in partnered ATMs in Europe (Malta, Romania, and Austria).

UniFox presale funds allocation

Special offer: Invest $1000 or more and become a Masternode!

UniFox holders with a balance of at least 200,000 FOX are awarded Masternode status. As suggested above, 5% of all dividends are distributed as a bonus to Masternodes prior to the general distribution to token holders with a minimum balance of 6000 FOX.

As the default price for 200,000 FOX is $50,000 USD, Masternode status may be out of reach for many investors. Accordingly, UniFox has devised a contest in which community members who invest a minimum of $1000 USD during the presale can win Masternode status.

The rules are as follows:
- invest $1000 or more during the presale
- your account is automatically considered a “candidate” in the contest
- our system will randomly choose 10 candidates on 1st of December 2018 and will award BONUS FOX coins as follows:

1st place: 200 000 FOX + Trezor T
2nd place: 100 000 FOX + Trezor T
3rd place: 75 000 FOX + Trezor T
4th place: 60 000 FOX
5th place: 50 000 FOX
6th place: 40 000 FOX
7th place: 30 000 FOX
8th place: 20 000 FOX
9th place: 15 000 FOX
10th place: 10 000 FOX

(FOX coins will be sent to winning wallets within 7 days after the draw)

Our accomplishments to date:

UniFox has signed strategic partnerships with projects like Electra, Achain, Phore, and Credits. We have additionally concluded a contract with the Canadian company CMI, which has committed to the purchase of a minimum of 750 UniFox products within the next 24 months. This contract represents a significant validation of our use case.

UniFox POS terminals have been in testing in dozens of shops and retailers in the Czech Republic, including the world-famous pub Duplex, in the centre of Prague. (Czech users can also access our Online Local exchange to seamlessly convert cryptocurrency to Czech crowns!)

UniFox has launched the Unicash Stable token website []. Users registered at the UniFox website [] may log in directly to the UniCash Stable token site.

Expert opinions on the UniFox token sale:

“Love this project, the team is deep and this is a much-needed project for the crypto community. If executed correctly, I can see this project in the top 50s.”
- Robert Tjan — ICObench expert

“It is a great success that most projects are already prepared. It can be argued that by closing ICO, the weaknesses are largely eliminated, which greatly encourages opportunities. This makes the project viable and I would put my investments on it.”
Samson Owiti — Icoholder expert

“The team is competent, as proven by their already working products on the market. The KYC is done and the project is ambitious…”
Mauro Andriotto — ICObench expert

“UniFox is an ambitious project. The team is highly competent and their KYC is done as well. It’s a bonus that they already have 4 working products on the market. Given the right visibility and marketing strategy, this project is on its way to success.”
Suzat Fernandes — ICObench expert

“Team looks good. Did a check on their linkedin profile. I like the idea too and I think its one of better projects out there with 4 working product. Will be keeping an eye on what comes next.”
Jun Hao — ICObench expert

“The platform use leads to an expansion of the crypto market by enabling easy exchange of cryptocurrency and fiat. This makes the platform viable and I would invest in it.”
Peter Andalo — Icoholder expert

ICO trackers records:

ICOlink — 4.98/5
Trackico — 5/5
Icobench bot 4.9/5
Icoholder — 4.58/5 (Top 7th ICO all the time)


Q: How many FOX do I need to be eligible for dividends?
A: 6000 FOX

Q: How many FOX do I need to become a MasterNode and what does it mean?
A: 200 000 FOX. 5% of all dividends are distributed among MasterNodes before they are distributed among all eligible token holders.

Q: Is FOX ERC20 token?
A: No, FOX runs on our own UniFox blockchain. Therefore FOX cannot be stored in Ethereum wallets.

Q: When will be first dividends distributed?
A: December 2018.

Q: Can I send funds directly from exchanges?
A: Yes.

Q: Which countries are restricted from participation in the presale?

Q: Do I have pass KYC to be able to invest?
A: You can pass KYC after the investment, too. But keep in mind that without passing it, you will not be able to withdraw tokens. We recommend passing KYC in the “backoffice” as soon as possible so as to avoid setbacks during the sale.

Q: When will be Fox coins distributed?
A: All FOX coins will be distributed within 7 days after the sale.


Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies.


Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. UniFox presents a complete crypto-friendly ecosystem which will help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies in today's world.

UniFox Official

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Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. UniFox present a complete crypto ecosystem to help the adoption of blockchain technology in the world.


Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. UniFox presents a complete crypto-friendly ecosystem which will help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies in today's world.