UniFox & Achain Partnership Announcement!

Unifox and Achain are proud to announce that have formed strategic Partnership to Drive the Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

UniFox and Achain have formed a strategic partnership

UniFox continues with their plans to support and cooperate with projects with solid and growing communities. After recent partnerships with Electra and Phore, UniFox decided to collaborate with the Achain platform to strengthen its power and reach in Asia, and to help ACT become accessible worldwide. We are confident that Achain will help us to focus effectively on the Asian market and promote ourselves in the local crypto community, while UniFox will help Achain spread the word about Achain in Europe and the West in general. The Unifox network has a global reach and plans to deploy over 6,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS terminals within the next 2 years and the Asian market will play an important role.

This partnership opens the doors for Achain to be included in all of UniFox’s products, including ATMs, POS terminals and local exchanges. UniFox has obtained in Achain a strong Eastern partner for the purpose of building strong local communities and facilitating entry into Asian market.

“We are very excited to start cooperation with such a big project that Achain represents. This is just another proof that UniFox is becoming a global project and those kind of partnerships is exactly what our community expects from us. This means open doors for UniFox to Asia and especially China. Achain means credibility, strong community and big power. We are proud to become their partners” said Jan Turek, Co-Founder, UniFox.

The importance of the partnership is also demonstrated by Matthew Engel, Western Community Director, Achain.

“Achain’s partnership with Unifox signifies the intercontinental exchange of value. This cooperation demonstrates not only the blending of services and specialities. More important it realizes the purpose of globalization in business and in culture. Achain and Unifox will transform digital value into the physical.”

Also, both parties have been negotiating a possibility to add ACT as a payment method for UniFox’s upcoming token sale. This could be possible thanks to the Vexanium dapp that has recently released a feature for adding ACT as a payment method.

20 000 FOX Give Away!

In celebration of the partnership, UniFox has decided to give away a total of 20,000 FOX tokens to the first 1,000 people to use a unique promotional code. You can find out the code and how to claim the free tokens in the video.

Check out the video to find out your unique code!

About Achain

Achain creates a blockchain network, easy to use, low cost, customizable and fast, these features allow Achain to become a public blockchain platform that allows developers of all levels to issue tokens and create intelligent contracts, decentralized applications and blockchain systems. Achain believes that as technological innovation creates a new network of production relationships, it will solve the problem of trust in interpersonal communications and organically integrate social consensus, individual behavior and the exchange of values into an inseparable whole.

You can find more information about Achain at: https://www.achain.com/

Stay tuned for more upcoming news and as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!