AMA Summary — Tuesday April, 6th 2021

Apr 8 · 5 min read

What is each individual team member working on?

At the moment Jeff and Exizz are working on improving the UI. We’re working on a Twitter verification system, so fund managers can verify which Twitter account they’ve got. We want to give fund managers the option to become more transparent about who they are and what their track record is.

Mike is working on a snapshot IGOV voting system:

The snapshot will start our journey in the governance of Igov and Unifund. We will start shortly with the first proposal to vote on. Also investigation is being done to add 0x to Unifund.

What do you have planned for marketing?

As for marketing we first want to make the project as optimal as possible before going to full blown marketing. But we’re starting to do more AMA’s (this is the second internal one) and are also looking at other groups that want to host us to do an AMA. What we’re not doing is going to youtubers for a pump and dump. We want to have sustainable organic growth.

We’re also in talks with the community to get our marketing up and running. We’ve also added an extra Marketing person in our team to get everything in the right direction.

When will more features be added when viewing funds?

At the moment we’ve got two main things coming up:

  • Twitter verification: Because a lot of people have been asking to get fund managers out of the anonymous zone, and also to get people of twitter more easility on our product
  • Trading view of the fund. We’re providing a log of every transaction that a fund manager made on uniswap
  • Blog posts for fund managers. So they can provide insights in what trades they’re making and why.

Can you share a screenshot of what the twitter profile looks like?

What are the plans to integrate uniswap v3 with Unifund?

Uniswap v3 is still in the future. We, and none, knows what the integration will look like. So we’re waiting at the moment. But we do want to implement it if it comes. But as I said, it’s a bit difficult to integrate it when it’s not released yet.

Can you talk a little bit more about your relationship with professorponzo? i understand he is the original developer but has since moved on to rootkit, but you guys vaguely speak here and there about waiting on him to do certain things. it’s a little unclear to me how involved he is or isn’t in the project anymore.

ProfessorPonzo is the starter of this project. We as a team were part of the community and stepped up to take the project over. She is still very much involved and working with us, but her focus at the moment is rootkit. But as the recent news of rootkit also proves, where Unifund is mentioned, we’re sharing as much information as we can. So we can build the best products.

When iFund increases in value what will be done with the treasury?

The treasury is for expenses the team has. For example buying domains, server space, etc. If we start to do marketing, we will also use the treasury for funding that. Also development costs will be paid from the treasury.

But as stated before, the team did not get any payment yet. So if the value increases, that will be good for the product and the treasury.

What about a deadman switch if a fund manager dies on the job?

Unifund has two deadman switches. One when creating a fund and one when the fund is busy.

When a fund is created, the fund manager chooses a max time the fund can remain in the ‘created’ state before he has to start it. If he doesn’t start it before that time limit, anyone can abort the fund and fund investors can reclaim their cash. This is to force fund managers to start their funds, but also as a dead man’s switch.

A second is the maximum time a fund can be run for. At this moment the maximum is 90 days. If a fund runs for longer than 90 days, everyone can close the fund and reclaim their part of the profit.

With these implementations you can always be sure that you can withdraw your funds. Nothing remains locked.

Why did you guys take over the project after it was abandoned from the original dev?

Because we believe in the project and the fundamentals. It’s a really good idea and it works really well. The contract itself is basically a finished product, but the UI needs work to make the product as good as it can be.

Mike: Because I wanted to make it myself and then I stumbled on this project.

What if someone starts a hostile fund and runs it straight into the ground?

For that purpose we’ve got the collateral. You as a fund manager provide Unifund as collateral, if you run the fund straight in the ground, then the investors will be paid out with your collateral Unifund tokens. So as investors it’s wise to check both the track record of the fund manager (in the app) and how much risk there is by checking how much collateral is provided.

The collateral system is what makes Unifund unique in the fund manager crypto world!

Plans to gamify and leaderboard fund managers?

We’ve got multiple ideas. The first idea — as written in the whitepaper — is contests. But we’re actively searching for better ideas.

For example a leveling/scoring system, with monthly rewards: Most eth contributed, best leaders, etc. Those rewards will be paid from the treasury.


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