UNIHACK 2017 Sponsored Tools/APIs [Part 2]

Here at UNIHACK, we’re lucky to have supportive partners willing to provide you the tools you need to be successful. Our sponsors have provided two general-purpose machine learning APIs available for your disposal!

List of machine learning tools

  1. Accenture’s SmartVision and Customisable Neural Network APIs (image recognition and general-purpose machine learning)
  2. Microsoft Azure Language and Text Analytics API and Machine Learning Studio (language analysis and general-purpose machine learning)

Accenture’s SmartVision and Customisable Neural Network APIs

Melbourne and Sydney

The Accenture team provides analytics and intelligent automation solutions for Accenture’s international clients, including those on the top of the Forturne 500 lists.

Accenture is providing us with the SmartVision image recognition API and a customisable Neural Network that you can use in machine learning use-cases.

Testing UI for Accenture’s SmartVision API — image classification in scale

“Personalised Training and classification of image datasets using multiple different machine learning algorithms — SmartVision API”

“A neural network made in TensorFlow with easily customizable depth and width — Customisable Neural Network API”

  1. Accenture APIs will be showcased on the UNIHACK Mixer Night
Please register here to reserve Accenture APIs access. First come first serve basis.

Microsoft Text Analytics API, Azure Cognitive APIs and Machine Learning Studio

Melbourne and Sydney

Microsoft’s Machine Learning Studio — a UI-based general purpose machine learning service

“Azure Machine Learning is a cloud predictive analytics service that makes it possible to quickly create and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions.

You can work from a ready-to-use library of algorithms, use them to create models on an internet-connected PC, and deploy your predictive solution quickly. Start from ready-to-use examples and solutions in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery.”

  1. Check out the Azure Language and Text Analytics API documentation here
  2. Check out the Machine Learning Studio documentation here
Please register here to reserve Microsoft APIs access. First come first serve basis.