Members On Tour!

Come and meet the team as we travel through Europe! Invitation links to access the private Beta of “Get Your @Unik-Name” will be widely distributed.

Members On Tour!
Come and Meet the Team

29 October — Worldwide — “Get Your @Unik-Name” Open Beta Live Launch

30 October — Paris, France — Blockchain Corner

1–2 November — Republic of Malta — Blockchain Summit

5–7 November — Lisbon, Portugal — Web Summit

8–16 November — Nantes, France — Team Training Session

14 November — Nantes, France — @unik-name Night Party

21 November — Chartres, France — Salon Blockchain

23 November — Basel, Switzerland — Blockchain Leadership Summit

26 November — Cologne, Germany — Crypto-Rockstars

27 November Dubai, UAE — Blockchain Summit

28 November — Paris, France — Blockchain Paris

29 November — Barcelona, Spain — European Blockchain Convention

5–6 December — London, England — FinTech Connect Global

29 Janvier — Paris, France — Fintech Tour Forum

Public version of “Get Your @Unik-Name” to be released during one of these events! Stay tuned.

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Have you heard about that? There would be a solution for doing crypto transactions without any fear nor stress.

Yes indeed, you’re right. 
@unik-name is a project which is pushing towards a mass-adoption of the emerging decentralized economy by giving a unique and refreshing experience to the crypto-enthusiast, and beyond.

If this problem rings a bell in you, well I can ensure you it is worth taking a quick look at my friend.

Why wouldn’t you take a closer glance at what might be the next big thing in the crypto-verse?

Oh and, while I’m still here, just to let you know that I am here as well, so come and chat with us on Telegram!

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Take care, hope to see you soon!

@unik-name’s team