Press Release: Name acquisition platform “Get Your @Unik-Name” Beta Version is open

Be among the first privileged few on the planet to get your @unik-name.

How can I get my @unik-name?

@unik-name opens the door of its Name Acquisition platform (Beta version) this Monday 22th October to invited early-adopters.

Before it opens to the public, the lucky selected ones will receive a link to choose the @unik-name they want to use for their day-to-day life. Latin alphabets are available for the time being.

The invitation links are given to members of the @unik-name community, vital actors of the project following news on Telegram (online chat application) and Twitter, as well as subscribers of their newsletter.

You can join @unik-name on social media to request your invitation to access the beta version and take part in this private opening of @unik-name’s acquisition first session.

What is a @unik-name?

The apparition of a newly decentralized economy along with the growing number of digital web applications drastically increased the number of complex addresses we have to deal with every day. They become impossible to memorize and to share without making mistakes.

As ground-breaking as the domain name or the hashtag in their time, a @unik-name is a digital ID easy to remember and easier to use. It is designed to be shared with all the people and websites with whom we interact over the web. Your @unik-name is your single and simple ID for day-to-day life.

The @unik-name solution gives you confidence while interacting on the internet. Your @unik-name holds every public personal data you need to memorize and to share. Your privacy is safe as you only can decide who access your @unik-name.

It aims at being integrated into your favorite apps, whether decentralized or traditional, for the best UX possible.

What are the benefits of getting my @unik-name right now?

Each @unik-name is by definition unique. For example, there can be only one « @Bob » on the whole planet. That is why the value of these digital assets depends on the popularity of the identifier chosen and on the creativity of its owner. Be the first to get your name.

Like an email address, a @unik-name’s owner is free to create his identifier using his real name (e.g. « @John.Doe ») or an alias (e.g. « @Cyber88 »). Use it as you please

Every owner of a @unik-name has access to the Hub to manage their digital identifier. From there, they can access additional services but also share their @unik-name and get friends and family acquiring their @unik-name to receive rewards. First adopters will have a greater chance to get exclusive rewards as for being supportive of the project and encourage its adoption.

Where to meet the team?

You can find them on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram) and ask every question you want. Concerning the details of @unik-name’s universal potential and disruptive innovation, the whitepaper is available for download on their website.

The team will attend to the Malta Blockchain Summit from the 1st to the 2nd of November, where a lot of interesting actors of the decentralized economy and potential integrating partners are coming together in one place.

Do you wish to get your @unik-name and to make sure you’re the first to reserve the identifier which corresponds to you? See you now on

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CEO: Laurent Lourenço — 07 82 79 96 61