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Happy Self-Driving Vehicles News in H1/2021

We still have to wait at least until 2030s before we see a substantial amount of Self-Driving Cars driving around. However, based on the (mostly) happy news in the first half of the 2021 looks like the solutions are progressing rapidly.

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Technology Giants

Major Self-Driving Startups

Ride-hailing Companies

Chinese Players

Car Manufacturers

Self-Driving Trucks

Automated Shuttles & delivery vehicles

Delivery bots & services

Lidar manufacturers

General AV news

Other remotely related news pieces

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Erkka Niemi, PhD

Erkka Niemi, PhD

Technology enthusiast CTO with a lifelong addiction to skateboarding in Helsinki & Palo Alto @Unikieinc @AaltoUniversity #SelfDrivingCars #DeepTech