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Aug 6, 2021

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Sneak Peek into UniLend’s Journey from Ideation to Creation

Sneak Peek into UniLend’s Journey from IDeation to Creation

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone amidst this global pandemic. Nevertheless, UniLend has pushed the limits of hard work on our mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi by welcoming all of crypto onto one comprehensive platform.

After the inception of the idea behind UniLend in 2020, UniLend has seen tremendous growth in terms of development and global outreach. In the past 1 year, we have laid the foundations of a strong DeFi protocol, forged a range of meaningful partnerships, and supported developers through various initiatives.

Read the full recap of UniLend’s development and achievements in this past year.

Development Milestones

UniLend entered the market with a 300x oversubscribed public sale for our governance token $UFT. Public sale got over in a matter of seconds and was a huge success.

Our Alpha product ‘Initium’ was launched in December 2020. We were delighted by the overwhelming amount of interest portrayed by the community in participating in our testnet launch.

UniLend took the crypto industry with a storm when we announced the launch of our permissionless flash loans product on mainnet In March 2021 with a successful audit from Certik. Not long after, our lending and flash loans were live on both Ethereum as well as Polygon.

Polygon integration paved a new way of adoption for us and we were generously welcomed by their community.

Soon after that, UniLend decided to go full permissionless, allowing any user to start a liquidity pool without the involvement of the UniLend team.

UFT recently got listed on Binance Smart Chain bridge, enabling the interoperable aspect of DeFi.

Our Backing Partners

UniLend is backed by some of the leading Venture Capitalists in the industry, some of whom are Woodstock Fund, 3Commas, AU21 Capital, Coin98 Ventures, Krypital Group.

Along with strong VCs, UniLend has some of the leaders supporting us including Sandeep Nailwal & Jaynti Kanani (Co-Founders of Polygon), Danish Chaudhry (Head of Bitcoin.com Exchange) & many more.

Ease of Trading for Investors

UniLend has always been a highly liquid asset, and easily available for trading across major centralized and decentralized exchanges.

It was a real celebratory moment when UniLend got listed on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Our Binance listing significantly increased the awareness around UniLend. This listing was a testament to the significance of our mission to unlock the true potential of DeFi and our ability to bring this new era of DeFi to fruition.

Not only that but UFT is also listed on top regional exchanges such as Probit in Korea. WazirX and CoinDCX, which have an enormous presence in India, also listed UFT and have since supported our vision.

UniLend is now listed on 10+ centralized and decentralized exchanges including and not limited to ProBit, Gate.io, Hotbit, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap, and Dfyn.

UniLend can be found on major crypto tracking websites like coingecko and coinmarketcap.

Strategic Partnerships

UniLend Finance is committed to forging alliances with the best of the best to stay ahead of the game by offering our platform users the best possible DeFi experience. Therefore, in this past year, we have forged 50+ strategic partnerships with valuable industry players which in turn will be the first assets to land on our flagship lending and borrowing product. Our flagship product is just around the corner and will be launched with thorough testing and successful audits.



Staking Finance protocol StaFi brings their unique rTokens to the UniLend Ecosystem. rTokens have the ability to ensure users can utilize their staked tokens on DeFi protocols.

Mirror Protocol

In a major move for DeFi, we welcomed Mirror Protocol into the UniLend ecosystem to enable decentralized lending and borrowing of synthetic stocks (including FAANG — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) making UniLend the first decentralized platform to offer such functionality.

Injective Protocol

We collaborated with Injective to bring several, which, novel markets, such as decentralized stocks, and decentralized FX futures onto UniLend protocol, which were never seen before in the crypto industry.

Coin98 Ventures

Coin98 offers a streamlined non-custodial, multi-chain crypto wallet that acts as a gateway into decentralized finance. UFT can be stored, sent, and received on Coin98’s mobile wallet.

Developer Support Programs

UniLend has given utmost importance to the accelerated growth of the developer community. We’re always looking to empower & support entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts throughout the industry.

Alongside our hackathon partners EthIndia, we launched Etherpunk 2021, Asia’s biggest Ethereum hackathon. UniLend Finance is a strong proponent of the Ethereum ecosystem and the DeFi revolution.

We launched our $1M Developer’s Grant Program in May 2021 and have received astounding responses from BUIDLers across the globe.

We announced our first grant project, uBoost in July 2021. uBoost is working on a suite of DeFi products leveraging the power of UniLend’s Flash Loans for market-making services.

Community Outreach

UniLend never missed an opportunity to connect with a broader community to share our insights into UniLend Finance and DeFi industry in general.

UniLend has grown to an outreach of 100k+ across more than 10 content distribution channels. UniLend has regional communities in 6 geographic locations and a huge global audience.

We supported and attended a wide variety of global events, meetups, interviews, and AMAs in the past 12 months.

Below are a few examples of such events.

DeFi and Lending: UniLend and Injective Protocol

Live AMA with LunarCrush

DeFi Panel Discussion at Asia Innovation Summit

And the Journey Continues…

We are glad to convey to our supporters that UniLend has come a long way on our mission to welcome everyone into the world of DeFi.

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of decentralized finance. Interest in the field of DeFi has been increasing continuously among crypto investors. This brings us to our vision of building a permissionless money market protocol to be leveraged by retailers and institutions likewise.

“As we continue to move forward at the speed of light, many elements of our programs and platform will change. We’ll always strive to make our ecosystem stronger and more robust as it evolves. Thanks to our amazing community for their continuous support. We will keep shipping on every front”

  • Chandresh Aharwar, CEO of UniLend Finance

The journey to decentralization is massive and so is our vision for revolutionizing this industry. Constant support from our community members has gotten us this far and there is so much more in store for UniLend Finance and our supporters.

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