Easy studying: Why the introduction of a campus app makes sense for universities

Driving digitization forward at universities

Elisabeth Krueger



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Modern technologies permeate our everyday lives and offer a host of new opportunities. The digital transformation also opens up new potential for universities to further develop their offerings and structures. The introduction of a campus app can be an important step in adapting to the familiar usage and communication behavior of students and university members.

Smartphone, Internet and social media generation

Trying out games on the computer, surfing the Internet or sending short messages on the smartphone. These activities have accompanied digital natives from childhood and adolescence. They are the representatives of the Internet, smartphone and social media generation. They are considered computer-savvy and well-connected. The smartphone is the first thing they pick up in the morning and the last thing they put away in the evening. Life is organized with numerous apps, and so a well-organized student life also includes an app that clearly summarizes the timetable, informs about news and reminds about important tasks.

All study-related information in one app

One advantage of a campus app is that all study-related information is bundled in one place. Access to grades, mails and other important information is simplified. This means that students don’t have to remember different access points for each portal and wait a long time for exam results to be displayed.

Cafeteria, Grades, Library, Mails: All study-related information in one app © UniNow GmbH

Central communication channel for students and university members

With a campus app, universities can reach students even more easily and efficiently, because students often use the app several times a day and are thus continuously informed about news. In the case of particularly urgent messages, students can also be informed about important events via push notification. Not only universities can benefit from this, but student councils or other important institutions and facilities can also use the communication channel.

Data protection and security have top priority

The steady growth of information technology in higher education has given it a key role in mission accomplishment. Secure information and communications technology has become a high priority. Secure operation and handling in the collection, storage, recovery, transmission and use of data, as well as protection of the confidentiality and availability of information, is therefore imperative.

Create trust

Through a campus app, students are connected with the university from the first day of their studies until graduation. The coordinated corporate design of the university equally increases the recognition value and the attention of the students towards the university.

The benefits of a campus app are particularly diverse for both students and universities. UniNow GmbH offers a solution that is adapted to the usual usage and communication behavior of students and university members. In addition, UniNow is officially the first and only university app to bear the TÜV Süd certificate for the areas of functionality, data security, quality assurance and data protection. You can find more information here.