Digital data collection solution for tracking Covid-19 infection chains in universities

Established solution at over 15 universities throughout Germany

Stefan Wegener



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Empty lecture halls, abandoned seminar rooms, closed cafés. Things have become quiet at Germany’s universities in recent months. This will change again at many universities from the winter semester 2020/21 onwards. In order to guarantee security on campus during the Corona Pandemic, UniNow GmbH has developed a digital function for tracking COVID 19 infection chains.

Start of winter semester with hybrid concept

Students are facing another extraordinary semester in the Corona crisis. The partially improvised digital teaching in the summer semester will be part of the programme again, at least in the coming winter. However, the motto of the universities is: as much presence as possible. However, the universities have been obliged to collect data on attendance courses. But what is the easiest way to collect data in order to comply with data protection and hygiene regulations?

Check-in possibility with Smartphone or Laptop

The Digital Campus Check-In

UniNow has developed a simple and efficient solution: The Digital Campus Check-In, which facilitates data collection and storage, complies with the GDPR, reduces organisational effort and protects the environment. Individual QR codes are hung up in the event room, which allow allocation to location, room and event. Students, lecturers or guests scan this QR code when entering the room and are automatically forwarded to an electronic contact form. The contact data is stored end-to-end encrypted and can only be decrypted by a responsible person at the university using a private key. This person can then view and search the lists in a web interface, download them in PDF format if required and forward them to the public health department in case of infection. In accordance with the Corona Control Ordinance, all data collected is automatically deleted after one month.

Campus Check-In in the UniNow app

Special feature of the digital campus check-in

With the help of numerous universities from different federal states, we have developed a concept. After only four weeks of development, the function is now already in use at many universities.
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