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Union Realtime announces “3-minute setup” for its Store-Level Occupancy Network

Following up on last week’s store-level occupancy network announcement; we are excited to announce that we have removed the friction and hassle of joining the industry’s only store-level, opt-in data network. GYS Development, who has partnered with Union Realtime to provide store-level occupancy data, was instrumental in streamlining the programmatic delivery of occupancy data.

Owners control the data!

Programmatic delivery directly from the property management software ensures timely and accurate information. It also enables owners to invest as little as 3 minutes to set it up eliminating the need to consolidate data every month.

It is important to note this is an opt-in network and owners have complete control over their data. Those that opt-in to the network and remain current are able to analyze data from other owners.

“Self-storage owners have traditionally avoided sharing facility information, especially occupancy, with outside sources. I took this position for much of my 24-year career in the industry. In actuality, more harm has been done to facilities based on inaccurate or insufficient data. It is imperative to share data with Union Realtime, who can compile, and distribute it in a manner that will show the strengths and weaknesses of specific markets.

Lee Fredrick, co-founder, GYS Development

“The occupancy network continues to grow as industry participants like GYS recognize the importance of sharing occupancy,” said Cory Sylvester, principal at Union Realtime. “By creating this opt-in network, we can now enable the sharing of occupancy data with other like-minded operators.”

Operators that would like to participate in the network should reach out to Cory Sylvester for on-boarding.

About Radius: Radius is the only market intelligence platform for the self storage industry that leverages the power of their community to source and validate information. With coverage across the United States, our users can run self storage feasibility and competitive analysis. For more information, visit https://radius.unionrealtime.com.

About Union Realtime: Union Realtime is a data and analytics company providing market intelligence solutions for the self storage industry. They specialize in site selection for acquisition & development, competitive rate and market trend analysis. For more information, visit https://www.unionrealtime.com.

About GYS Development: GYS Development LLC, founded by Lee Fredrick and Brandon Grebe, is an opportunistic real estate development company specializing in developing, building, and managing self storage assets in the Western United States. From conception through disposition, GYS Development looks to maximize cash flow and financial returns for investors and clients on a continual basis by knowing how to locate a great site, develop a plan, manage a project, and get a facility built and operational in a timely manner.

Radius • site selection and location intelligence • Union Realtime

For more information, please reach out to:
Cory Sylvester
Union Realtime
(646) 397–0293




Union Realtime utilizes innovative tech solutions to deliver insights and analysis for the self-storage industry.

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Cory Sylvester

Cory Sylvester

Principal at @unionrealtime

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