Arc Conversion Rates

Arc helps you build a clear and simple view of your analytics in Slack. Last week we improved weekly and monthly summaries with performance metrics. This week we’re adding conversion rates to track your Google event goals for sales, sign up, or anything else your business needs!

We chose to show the top level conversion rate that Google provides. This will give you a % conversion for all your active Google Analytics goals.

For today only, everyone gets a taste of conversion rates!

Going forward, upgrading will give you access to both conversion rates and behavior metrics every week.

That’s how Arc summarizes your conversion rate! Another small change with a big impact 👊.

We take feedback seriously! All the features we’ve released have started as requests from our amazing users. So reach out to us with questions or suggestions! We’d love to hear from you. Email or use the /arc-feedback command inside slack!

Originally published at on October 1, 2016.