Building a Business — Growth

Almost every growth chart that gets published online looks like a hockey stick. Small growth followed by a METEORIC rise when the founders reach a tipping point or some event catapults them into super stardom. This is the prototypical “overnight success” story. Once you have that hockey stick chart everyone wants to talk to you and the cycle perpetuates.

Arc has ridden consistent growth to become the 3rd most popular Marketing app and the 4th most popular Analytics app in the Slack App Directory. We snuck to the top. We didn’t have a breakthrough Product Hunt launch that added 1500–2000 users overnight and we didn’t get featured on TechCrunch or Hacker News. We built a product that people find valuable, and over 3000 companies use it every day.

But what happens if you never have that single breakout moment? What happens if you grow consistently over a long period of time?

We think that consistent growth leads to a business with a sustainable future, but only time and our customers will tell. Our goal is to go the distance!

Image by Jen Chillingsworth

Originally published at on July 26, 2016.