Building a Business — Launching Arc

When we started Union Code, we had no specific product in mind. We didn’t spend months frustrated about a problem and then band together to solve it like altruistic, adventurous founders. Our startup story is rational and that translates into how we run Union Code.

Arc is our second product and the first that we’ve considered building a business around. We’ve talked about why we created Arc in an earlier blog post, so this time I’ll focus on Arc’s growth as a product and it’s future as a business. We don’t have billion dollar expectations but we feel like Arc has potential and we want to keep building it as long as we can. Whether we hit hockey stick growth or just create a healthy side hustle, we’re excited by the opportunity!

We launched Arc in the Slack App Directory in mid-February. Since there weren’t many apps listed, we thought we would get a few users and be able to validate our idea quickly. We were really hoping to get around a hundred users.

After three months in the app directory we had ~2500 companies using Arc and we were the 4th most popular app in both the Marketing and Analytics categories.

Now, if we were in Silicon Valley, we all would quit our jobs and start churning out features to capture ALL the markets. But, like I said earlier, we are taking a rational approach to this SaaS business thing. So, we did our best Steve Blank impression and dug out our Lean Canvas templates. Rather than adding new features, we started reaching out to our users via email. There were so many amazing companies using Arc and we wanted to understand why they chose us and what problems they had.

We made a lot of assumptions about why companies would use Arc and we were in the perfect position to start getting real answers from our users. But you’ll have to wait until next time to hear about that!

Originally published at on June 10, 2016.