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Date range customization in Arc Analytics

Arc Analytics now supports customizing date ranges for any Google Analytics report that’s sent to Slack.

Date ranges in Google Analytics are simply the dates included in your report. As you can imagine, different dates completely change the meaning of a report. This is why choosing the correct date range is important when trying to understand your audience’s activity.

Until now, Arc Analytics has intelligently chosen each report’s date range. 📆 On Monday, you’d receive last week’s date range. On the 1st day of a month, it was last month’s activity, and so on. This made setting up a report quick and simple while giving your team a bird’s eye view of your traffic.

But what if you want to report yesterday’s activity on a Monday? You can’t. Our intelligent date range would choose a weekly report because Monday is the start of a week. While an intelligent date range is helpful, it’s also limiting.

Choosing the correct date range is the first step in understanding your website’s activity.

Advanced users can now take more control by customizing date ranges!️ This will disable our intelligent date range and allow you to specify the exact range that you need.

Arc Analytics makes it easy to customize your date range:

1) Begin by adding or editing a Report in your Project
2) Navigate to the “Customize date range” section
3) Choose a date range that’s right for you!

📢 Stay tuned on Medium or Twitter as we bring dimensions, segmentation, and filters for Google Analytics into Slack.

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