Arc Analytics now supports 200+ Google Analytics Dimensions.

Dimensions in Arc Analytics

Arc Analytics now supports 200+ Dimensions including referrals, pages, countries, and many more.

Ryan Felgate
May 31 · 2 min read

Dimensions are specific attributes of your data. Applying dimensions for things like city, browser type, language, campaign, etc allow you to see your data based on criteria that mean something to your business.

If you only care about users who view your site in French using Chrome you can now apply those Dimensions and Arc Analytics will send that specific report to Slack.

We now support over 200 dimensions, which is a huge number and can be overwhelming when you’re getting started. Google provides a primer on what dimensions are and how to use them effectively. Hotjar also has a helpful article that talks about the pros and cons of using dimensions.

Dimensions are a powerful feature that gives Arc Analytics the capability to share very specific Google Analytics data in Slack. Our goal has always been to allow our users to share ALL of their data in Slack and have feature parity with Google Analytics. With our dimensions release, we’ve hit that target!

That’s another way Arc helps make sure your team sees the data that helps the most. A small change with a big impact. 👊

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