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Filter query support in Arc Analytics

Arc Analytics now supports filter queries for any Google Analytics custom report sent to Slack

Filter queries in Google Analytics are a way to include or exclude data from your custom reports. This is a powerful way to focus your reports on dimension or metric values.

Let’s pretend that you want to report on blog visits 📝 from Canadians 🇨🇦

You can use a filter to only include visits that contain the path “/blog” and are from the country of Canada. As a filter, this would look something like:


You might even want to go a step further by only including users who speak 🇫🇷 French so that you make the best possible decision!

Use filters to take control over the data included in your Google Analytics reports sent to Slack

Arc Analytics now supports 🔍 filter queries for custom Google Analytics reports sent to Slack! Allowing you to take even more control over the data shared with your team.

We’ve chosen to give you full, raw control over your filter queries:

Start by adding or editing a Custom Report in your Project
Select “+ Show filter” to expand the filter editor
Add any filter query that’s supported by Google Analytics

You can 📚 learn more about setting up filters in our knowledge base and use our ⚡simplified filter query syntax reference ️ to write your first filter query!

📢 Stay tuned on Medium or Twitter as we bring dimensions, segmentation, and plenty more for Google Analytics into Slack.

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