Introducing QuickBit

QuickBit allows you to log healthy activities to your Fitbit account.

Thinking about the problem first.

As a remote team, our office is only a few steps from our bedroom, kitchen, and living room. There are a lot of benefits to this type of lifestyle, but physical movement isn’t one.

To solve this problem, we use Fitbit to track our steps and we gamify it with team challenges. It’s fun and keeps our team’s health in-check.

Recently, we’ve wanted to take it a step further to track our swims, bike rides, and most importantly hydration. There are numerous studies and advice that indicate hydration has a huge impact on cognitive thought. No doubt, as creative thinkers, we want to keep our minds sharp!

Solving our own problem first.

We tried to use the Fitbit Dashboard to record our activities, but it’s tedious and time consuming. We tried. We really did. But in the end, we stop using it.

It’s better to track something over nothing.

We realized that recording an estimated activity is better than no activity. This was the foundation of QuickBit’s design and why it’s valuable to us.

Our browser has our undivided attention.

We have a strong mobile and web background, so we immediately thought about creating a native or hosted app. However, besides usability, it isn’t a big improvement over the FitBit Dashboard. We wanted something on-hand all-the-time.

QuickBit is a Google Chrome extension. One click and you’ll see your three main activities. Another click and you’ve recorded an activity. It’s blissfully nice, because it’s always on-hand while we work from home.

You can get QuickBit from the Google Chrome store.

Originally published at on October 19, 2015.