Just Start

No one is born into greatness. No one picks up a hockey stick and instantly becomes a prodigy. We are all human and we have to work and learn before we can become great. It takes time, but it’s always worth it.

We have the tendency to idolize all sorts of people: celebrities, athletes, anyone who has found success. We treat them like they became amazing overnight. But the secret is; they aren’t that different from the rest of us. They set goals and worked hard to achieve them. People become successful through hard work.

Remember — Everyone sits down when taking a shit, just like you. Your teachers, your mentors, and even the president. — @vanschneider’s mom

Similar to people, there are many hugely successful companies that we call overnight successes. All of these companies started with something simple and grew from there. The common denominator is that they all started and worked hard to grow into something great. What they started with wasn’t perfect, but it solved a problem.

At Union Code, we believe in simple solutions to real problems. We aren’t world renown experts. We identified problems that are frustrating and are building solutions to make life a little bit better. Hopefully we can learn a thing or two along the way!


Photo by Tyler.

Originally published at blog.unioncode.com on December 14, 2015 (that’s my birthday!).