Simple is best.

Less can never be more, but it can be better.

04 December 2015

I hate the expression, less is more. It’s not possible. But, less can be better. And more isn’t always good.

Most products strive to do more. The common belief is that more features equals more customers. These product companies create long tables that list their features with more check marks, more rows, and more stuff.

Those tables don’t show what the product is good at. They only list things that the product can do. “More” is marketed as valuable. “More” is marketed as better. But that is untrue. The best product solves a real problem exceptionally well. You sign up, turn the product on and benefit. You don’t spend valuable time cutting pieces out that your team won’t use. The product helps you and your team succeed.

There are a bunch of companies that do this already, and I love them for it. Less removes distraction. Less makes everything clearer. Less let’s you focus on your team and the goals you are trying to achieve.

When we started Union Code, it was very important to us to stay simple. We never thought more was better. We aren’t trying to make the next Facebook or Uber. We are bringing our simple vision to life in the products we are building.

Originally published at on December 4, 2015.