New Performance Summaries

Since our beginning, a common theme has been to simplify more Google Analytics data. Every morning, we’re fortunate enough to wake up to emails and /arc-feedback messages asking for more metrics. Thanks to those incredible conversations, we’re now ready to deliver.

Starting today, Paid and Free Arc accounts will summarize more Google Analytics metrics!

Free Arc plans will receive weekly and monthly summaries with audience metrics telling you about visits, people, mobile users and your top country.

Paid Arc plans will receive weekly and monthly summaries with both audience and behavior metrics telling you about visits, people, page views, session duration, bounce rate, mobile users, and your top country.

These new metrics make up two sections of your Google Analytics experience: Audience and Behavior. Audience tracks how many users get to your site and where they come from. Behavior follows how engaged those users are by tracking what they do once they’re on your site. Together, we can give you an idea of how your site’s performing!

So you’re savvy, you probably noticed that I didn’t say anything about daily summaries. That’s because they aren’t changing… yet.

We’ve been lucky. We get tons of feedback and so many people request changes to Arc. This time you let us know that the decisions you’re making every day are different than the decisions you’re making on a weekly or monthly basis.

We took your feedback and decided that the information Arc delivers needs to be different as well.

Daily updates give you a quick health check and something fun that you may not have thought about. Weekly and monthly summaries are heavy on metrics telling you how you performed against the previous week or month.

Daily data doesn’t give you enough context to make any strategic changes, but it can reassure you that things are still working great. Weekly and monthly data gives you what you need to tweak your campaigns or landing pages to improve your customer experience.

So, Arc now delivers new metrics that focus on performance! Another small change with a big impact 👊.

As always, reach out to us with questions or suggestions! We’d love to hear from you. Email or use the /arc-feedback command inside slack!

Image by Andrew Branch

Originally published at on September 25, 2016.