Same day previous week

We recently made an improvement in to help you better understand your visitors. It’s small, but packs a big punch. 👊

Your daily summaries now compare yesterday to the same day of the previous week. Said simply, Saturday is now compared to last Saturday.

Before this update, a summary for Saturday, March 26th was compared to Friday, March 25th. This was a good start, because it explained how well you were doing day-to-day. However, let’s face it, your Saturday is not the same as your Friday.

A small shift in your thinking can reveal valuable insight.

From now on, Saturday, March 26th is compared to Saturday, March 19th. This compares apples to apples; your weekend visitors to your weekend visitors. It’s a small change that will help you make better decisions about your visitors.

This update was made possible from conversations with our awesome users. Over the last month, we’ve been overwhelmed by the shear number of people using and the amount of positive feedback. We’re incredibly grateful for the constructive feedback and have been finding ways to get it back into

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Photo by Patryk Dziejma.

Originally published at on March 26, 2016.