Boost-Boarding Around The World

Casey Neistat sets Youtube records

By Tania Olivas Contributor

Casey Neistat/Instagram

With an astounding 7.1 million followers, Casey Neistat has set the bar high in the vlogging world. If you know anything about vlogging, you know that this entertainment medium is continuing to grow and thrive.

In his episodes, he sometimes has segments such as Q&As and mail time in which he interacts with his followers and often promotes them. In total he has aired 700 vlogs on YouTube since he first started in 2010. This perseverance led him to stardom, making him one of the top vloggers of all time.

The wide-screen drone shots and catchy house beats in his videos have set him apart from his colleagues. The amount of creativity behind the cinematography of his vlogs has branded him. The vlogs vary in topic and he also is known for riding a boosted board anywhere around the world, at least where he can get away with it. A boosted board is an electric skateboard that he is always looking to plug to get “juice.” The length of the videos also varies, ranging from 7 to 10 minutes long.

One of the most talked about vlogs was “Snowboarding with the NYPD,” a two minute and 41-second video where he rode his boosted board in the heavily snowed streets of New York. The video was such a success: it reached 6.5 million views on YouTube within 24 hours.

Another people’s favorite is the vlog titled “The $21,000 first class airplane seat.” In this episode he shows what it’s like to fly first class in the Emirates airline. The luxurious experience and lavish accommodations quickly caught the media’s attention.

Neistat’s vlogs have gained a lot of traction and his following will only continue to grow. I love watching his content for the scenery and experiences he documents as he travels and works all around the world. He is the true definition of a “globe trotter.” In this case it may even be a skater.

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