Isaiah Rashad Performs the Soulful “Sun’s Tirade” in San Diego

By R. Ray Robinson Staff

Isaiah Rashad is best known as the Tennessee rapper who signed to the independent hip hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). It’s home to artists such as ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, SZA, Lance Skiiiwalker and Kendrick Lamar. Isaiah did not waste any time beginning his concert by introducing himself, his Dj and starting off with the songs from his album.

It would not be an Isaiah Rashad show without playing his hit song “Free Lunch.” The song seems pretty self-explanatory regarding Isaiah wanting to eat freely. However, it is his soulful vocals that really excited the ears of his audience, spewing so much passion and energy from his tongue.

Halfway through the show, the crowd went wild after Isaiah brought out San Diego rapper Rob Stone to perform his hit track “Chill Bill.” The second Rob rapped “Rob Stone, two damn phones, Babylon can’t crack the code;” Isaiah began acting like his hype man while getting the crowd to wave their hands like crazy. The song is so chill and catchy. With the whistle instrumentation mixing with fierce beats and hardcore rhymes, the fans were rapping every single lyric. A fan even threw a phone on stage at Isaiah for a selfie. It was so good that Isaiah took selfies with Rob from the fan who threw the phone on stage, and passed the love and the phone back.

Isaiah then got back to performing “Dressed Like Rappers.” He got the crowd hyped again as the song deals with real issues regarding the fast life of a successful rapper.

The lyrics of his song go, “I control the speed and I won’t let you go, no way. You’re everything I love. Hoes and weed and I could testify cause who’s ashamed so I might testify.”

In his years as an artist, Isaiah expresses how getting women, drugs and spending cash with friends is a way to cope with the spoils of reality in tandem with the depression of it all. This song, deep as it is, is a commonality with not just rappers but people all over.

Near the end of his show, Isaiah dropped the track “4r Da Squaw.” This track is different melodically and lyrically from many of his former songs. It still carries a low-toned catchy tune but contains more personal lyrics as he converses with his son Yari while being drunk.

Although he was on hiatus for a while, Isaiah is finally back to his music. He is definitely keeping the culture of hip hop moving forward alongside his TDE labelmates. If you have not already, listen to the soulful sounds of Isaiah Rashad’s “The Sun’s Tirade.”

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