How To Grab Placement Opportunities

The campus placements are in progress and students preparing to crack out. In this competitive world, everyone rushing towards the career. As the placement season is going on, people preparing and struggling a lot to get the job. Why students struggle? Because they don’t have practical experience in handling people and fitting into the corporate world.

Students nature is to rush up only during the last minute of placement. There is no pre-preparation. This is what the main problem where students lack. Corporate World is different, every activity is pre-planned, which they believe as key to success.

Most of the time we only focus on enjoying our college life. Enjoyment is important as well our career too. Instead of doing things at last minute, why don’t we try some pre-preparations? 
Pre-preparation mean doing some internships. Internships help us to grasp corporate knowledge.

What does Internship mean?

The internship is an opportunity for students to work in an organization to gain practical work experience and knowledge in the field they interested. An internship helps the student to gain some practical experience with a valuable industry based domain knowledge. If the students show some interest and attend the internship during their colleges days, then it will be very much helpful to decide his domain or future projects. Practical experience is very valuable than the theoretical experience and it helps us a lot to troubleshot the problems as well.

How Long this Internship Work?

An intern works for a fixed period, usually three to six months sometimes even one month. Internship period is based on the organization.

An internship can be done during your college days, every college permit students for the internship. Make use of the opportunity to win your career.
Once you get placed in a company, you may have 3 months internship training. Instead of doing your intern after getting inside a company, its best to take the internship during your college days. That may help you to get directly into the company once you get placed. Pre Internships helps us gain domain knowledge and industrial experience.

Why Internship at UNIQ?

UNIQ offers the best Internship program in Chennai for Engineering Students. Most of the Engineering students were not allowed to explore the practical knowledge other than the Book stories, which won’t make them fit. We at UNIQ allowing the students to explore the things with the trainer who can guide you in all possible ways to gain some valuable knowledge.

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