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Genesis Collection Update

Many of you are curious about the future of the Genesis Collection. Due to a significant decrease in volume, we decided to take action and as a result, the Genesis Collection sale has been ended and supply will be limited to 5,800 NFTs in total.


  • The sale of the Genesis Collection has been ended.
  • The total supply is limited to 5,800.
  • Incoming use cases and benefits have been established.

We have mentioned a number of times that the Genesis Collection is an important element of our ecosystem. This led us to the decision of relaunching it on a new smart contract and reopening the sale.

Despite that, a few weeks after the launch, minting has slowly come to a halt, and interest transitioned to other releases of our platform, like the Uniqly Stores.

At this point, we needed to make a decision about where to point the Genesis Collection in order to not block other activities in the ecosystem and provide holders a profitable solution.

As a result of that, we decided to close the sale of the Genesis Collection to 5,800 total NFTs mints.

We assumed that all the interested community members have had enough time to purchase the Genesis NFTs. Additionally, through decreasing the supply of the Collection and announcing the initial use case, we believe that the Genesis NFTs will exponentially increase in value in the not-so-far future.

Genesis NFTs Use Cases & Benefits

Our goal for the Genesis Collection is to involve the entire NFT line into key functionalities of various Uniqly products.

As our ecosystem is rapidly evolving some of the use cases have been established already, while others still need to be added along with further development of the platform. One thing is certain, however. Our Genesis Collection will have a definitive role in the Uniqly ecosystem.

Some of the use cases and benefits established so far are the following:

  • Exclusive multipliers in UNIQ staking.
  • Part of the supply from the most popular collections of our Partners from the Stores will be dedicated only to NFT Genesis holders.
  • Future access to new Uniqly NFTs minted together with Claiming NFT to the physical form (after the launch of the new Claiming process).
  • Various NFTs as bonuses attached and distributed to Genesis Collection NFT holders and a 6 ETH lottery powered by Chainlink VRF.
  • Underlying physical item.
  • Further development of the collection with gamification elements.


As the collection was closed earlier, some of the NFTs bonuses have not been distributed to the Genesis NFT holders. Due to that, we have decided to implement a new distribution method.

All the remaining NFT bonuses from Uniqly Vault that were not minted as a bonus attached to the Genesis NFTs will be distributed in form of special lotteries for the Genesis holders.

To make it fair, the lotteries will be powered by Chainlink VRF. All Genesis NFT holders will be eligible, where one NFT-shirt is one entry.

Specific dates of the lotteries will be shared in the near future.

Further steps

Together with the Genesis Collection closure, we will be able to move forward with other activities within the Uniqly Ecosystem. The launch of the Marketplace & the full release of our Uniqly Stores is right around the corner, together with the start of the buyback & burn process and other features already announced in our roadmap.

We would like to thank our amazing community for the continued support and the faith you showed in us. Together we will power this new era of NFT and take another step towards the physical NFT revolution everyone is waiting for.

Stay UNIQ!

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