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How to buy UNIQ on presale B from mobile.

Step 1

You need to download the MetaMask app on your phone

Step 2

You can import a previously existing account, sync via QR code with your desktop MetaMask account, or create a new one. In this guide, we cover how to join our public sale only using a phone, so we will treat this account as your first.

Click on create a new account, go through the form, activate your seed phrase, and log onto your Metamask mobile account.

Step 3

Click on the 3 lines in the top left of the corner, and go to the browser.

Step 4

Search for the uniqly.io website from MetaMask DuckDuckGo browser and simply enter into our website.

Step 5

Join our whitelist by filling the form, as you would do from the desktop, keep in mind that you can’t open Google forms from the MetaMask browser, so just open it with google, complete the form and get back to the website.

You need to fill the form properly, check out our step-by-step guide on how to join public sale B, where we tell you how to participate in our whitelist.

Step 6

Once you joined our whitelist, open our website from the MetaMask browser already in the app, and click on the banner shown below. It will open the MetaMask dapp, with which you will be able to connect your account to our website and join presale B once it starts!

Step 7

Check if you have been whitelisted properly! If you went through all the steps and you joined our whitelist you will see this banner appear!

Congratulations! You can now join our Public sale at 5 PM CET, just log in to the website from your MetaMask app!

About Uniqly.io

Uniqly — the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

Uniqly.io is a Marketplace and Escrow.

Marketplace — We allow our users to trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items. Anyone will be able to create their own unique landing page and list their products created in our generator, or deposited via escrow.

Escrow — We have created a solution that allows you to easily trade all physical products, even those that were not created in our Generator, including clothing, works of art, collectibles, and more.

Materialize and stake NFT tokens.

Materialize NFT — Uniqly.io brings you the possibility to materialize your favorite NFT tokens from outside of our ecosystems, such as Cryptopunks, Hashmasks, SuperRare, and many, many more!

Stake NFT — Some limited NFT collections will be available in exchange for freezing UNIQ tokens for an appropriate period of time, in cooperation with other projects we will create additional mining pools.

Generator and proof of ownership — On Uniqly.io you will be able to create a product, and then base it on an NFT token e.g. T-shirt, hoodie, mug, flip-flops, etc. (50+ products) with the possibility of claiming it, and signing it on Etherscan with your Full Name/Nickname on the burning transaction, and then we will materialize it, and add a QR code which will lead you to the burning transaction on Etherscan.

Learn More About Uniqly.io

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