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Have you ever dreamt about your own phygital NFT collection? It may seem difficult and complex, but we come to the rescue with the easiest and quickest way, which will save your time to launch the physical and digital merch for your community.

Every project or brand wants to be the best for its supporters. One of the ways to enhance the interaction between project and community is by creating custom merch. This gives community members a way to show support and identify with the project, as well as, a unique way of marketing. Uniqly is a gateway that makes it feasible! Not only the physical one but the digital (linked to the physical items, which you can wear in many metaverses and AR) too! Therefore a special standard has been created — Wearables 3.0!

But… how to launch your own collection with

Maybe that sounds difficult, but in practice, it’s a very simple process. At every step, there are plenty of specialists who are willing to help you with the launch. Below you can find the stages of creating every collection.

1. Contact

The first step is contact with Uniqly. You can find the contact form here. Fill in the sheet with the required data and wait for a reply from us. One of our advisors will be happy to get in touch with you! They will carefully walk you through every step of the launch. If you are looking for direct contact, you can reach us at:

After contact, we will shortly verify if the cooperation is feasible from our side and contact you back in order to make a call. At this stage, one of our Sales representatives will discuss further steps with you.

2. Clarifying the vision of the Collection

Once we’ve established contact and set up an initial call, we will need to know your vision and the plan for the collection. Here, you need to provide us with as many details as you can, to understand your idea for the drop. The more information you provide, the better we will fit your needs!

3. Organization of the required details

Once we will understand your needs and idea, the organizational details of the collection will need to be determined. If you will be decided to launch your own collection with Uniqly, you will have to send us the required details, inter alia:

  • type of items;
  • number of designs;
  • blockchain;
  • buyer requirements;
  • the part responsible for the designs;
  • estimated launch date.

At this stage, we will also clarify the financial aspect of the collection, like fees and others. After completing all of this data, we are ready to get to the part where the merch will start to form.

4. Creation of the design

When all the details are finalized, the next part is the design creation. Here, you will need to provide our designers with all the graphic assets that you want to be included in the collection like logo, labels, and similar. Once gathered, our designers will make their magic and prepare for you top-quality designs! But of course, you can decide to make the designs on your own, it is up to you. When it’s done and the graphics are ready, we will proceed to the next step.

5. Contact with the physical department

This is the necessary step to check if there are any production difficulties. If there will be any issues — we will try to solve all of them. Unfortunately, sometimes some graphic ideas cannot be so smoothly implemented on the physical items, that is why we need to check if it is feasible first.

6. Creation of the items samples

On condition that all of the steps described above have been performed correctly, our physical department can proceed to the creation of the items samples. This move will show you how the collection will look like in the real world. And of course, the sample will be sent to you as well to let you check the quality of the products.

7. Creation of the digital models

Simultaneously, when the collection is approved, our 3D graphics will create the digital models of your items, which will be integrated into metaverses. They will be in constant communication with you, so any adjustments will be done on an ongoing basis.

8. Last organization and summary of all collection details

This is the last step before the actual launch. Here we plan the announcements of the Store and discuss some marketing steps, and education of your community, so everyone will be on the same page on how to use our Wearables 3.0. At this point, we must tie everything up in a bow until the Store will go online.

9. Announcement of the Store and the marketing of the collection

Almost everything is ready! We’re making an announcement of the Store launch a short time before. Based on the partnership type, we are sharing some sneak peeks of the collection, if agreed earlier, we announced the metaverse party or AMA with the team. Here, we also put much effort on the educational side to let your community understand the usage of Wearables 3.0.

10. Official launch

After we’ve gone through all of the above steps, we can finally launch the Store. Now, the NFTs will be ready to purchase and redeem by your community! Congratulations! Your crew can now use top-quality phygital merch in real-world and various metaverses.

As you see, the launching process is relatively simple and almost all effort is done by us. You just need to forward us your vision and we will do the rest! It does not require any technical skill or knowledge from your side, contacting various suppliers, or taking care of international delivery and all of those. Uniqly will help you with everything so your community will be able to enjoy your own fresh phygital collection!

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