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How to put on your Wearable in Decentraland?

If you are here, probably you are searching for information on how to put on your Wearable 3.0 at Decentraland. In this piece, we will show you how you can wear your NFT in Decentraland in just a few simple steps.

We know how important is digital flex in the current world. That is why, each of our Wearables 3.0 have a free redeem to Decentraland so you could wear your goodies in both, the physical and digital world. Check this step-by-step guide to find out how to put DCL wearable on your avatar.

If you prefer the video version, here you can find our YouTube guide.

After you successfully redeemed your Wearable 3.0, it’s time to wear it! Just follow the instructions and put your Decentraland wearables on!

  1. Go to Decentraland and click on your avatar at the top right corner.

2. Click “Backpack” (or just press “I” on your keyboard)

3. Choose the appropriate category. You will find all of your NFT Wearables in the “COLLECTIBLES” tab.

Of course, you can also explore other categories if you want to edit your avatar.

4. Choose your wearables and just click on them.

Please keep in mind though, that Redeem to Decentraland could take up to 72 hours after you click the “REDEEM” button. If the item is not available, it probably has not been sent to you yet. Please give it a while or contact us on Discord or Telegram.

5. Click “Done” and voilà! You have successfully applied your NFT on your avatar.

6. From this time you can start your flex with a fresh Uniqly’s Wearables at Decentraland!

If you need other guides related to our products, check out our Guidebook!

Stay UNIQ!

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