How to Redeem Wearables 3.0 — Guide

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4 min readMay 18, 2022


After buying your first Wearables 3.0, it is time to do the redeem. Redeeming products to different worlds is the basic utility of our tokens, so the whole process is simplified and intuitive. But for those of you, who don’t know how to do it, we have prepared an easy step-by-step guide on how to redeem your NFTs to the real world!

If you have any difficulties, this guide will help you to pass the entire procedure of the redemption process.

In a few simple steps, which will be described below, you can redeem a physical product from your Wearable 3.0 that will be delivered right to your doorstep and enjoy your own phygital NFT!

First, log in to by your MetaMask wallet, and do the following steps by order:

  1. Navigate to the ‘My Items’ page

2. Choose an item that you would redeem and click on it, you will be redirected to the Item Page.

3. Choose ‘PHYSICAL’ and click ‘REDEEM’, to begin the process of redemption of the physical product from your Wearable 3.0.

4. Set your nickname (please keep in mind that it will be permanently stored on the blockchain in the redeeming transaction data), choose your size (look for the size guide to perfectly fit your new physical item), and fill the form with all the required data.

5. Next choose the preferred delivery type — (standard or premium).

STANDARD BOX is a simple folio pack without any additives.

PREMIUM BOX is a color branded box, most often with the Partner’s logo printed on it. Moreover, it contains a few additives associated with Partner and like stickers, certificate of authenticity, sweets, and other small gifts.

6. Now, choose a payment token, read and accept the Uniqly Service Terms & Conditions and confirm other contests. After that, click ‘REDEEM’ to accept your data and you are ready to go!

7. The next step is payment for the redeem process. It can vary based on your type of delivery that you have choosen two steps back and contain international delivery, Proof of Authenticity layer of the physical product and the boxing.

To finalize payment, first, you need to approve the collection with your wallet and than proceed with the actual payment. In order to do that, just click ‘PROCEED’ button and wait for the confirmation.

8. Once all the steps are completed, your redeemed item should appear in the ‘PHYSICAL ITEMS’ page, and the box ‘Physical’ at the item page should be blocked. Additionally, you will get information about your redeemed item at the item page.

Wearable 3.0 with redeemed Physical and Decentraland items.
Item page of Wearable 3.0 with Redeemed Physical and Decentraland items.

9. That would be all! Now, you just need to wait for your delivery. It should take up to 30 days. Don’t forget to follow your mailbox, where you will get all of the individual steps of the process.

10. At this moment, your Wearables 3.0 card will have crossed out the “Physical” box and you will not be able to redeem it to the real world again. But don’t worry! Other worlds are still waiting for you!

As you can see, the whole procedure is simple. The Decentraland redemption process looks similar, but there are less details, and the DCL Wearable will be airdropped at your wallet within 72 hours. You won’t have any problems if you have carefully gone through this guide. Enjoy your item and let’s start the physical and digital.. or just phygital flex!

We hope that you will enjoy your physical product. Stay UNIQ!

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