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Introducing Uniqly.io

NFTs currently don’t feel like the future of finance. The NFT industry is packed to the brim with memes and jokes being sold, with no “real world” usage of these things. This has led many people to believe that the NFT is simply “a picture on the blockchain”, and this can’t be further from the truth.

Uniqly is here to change that perspective and offer actual value for NFTs for any and everyone.

Uniqly is the world’s first marketplace for digital assets backed by real world items. Users can create NFTs for just about anything, and have them backed by the actual object in the real world.

For example, a user might create an NFT of a cup and have it be backed by the actual cup itself. This gives the NFT actual real-world value, and allows for physical redemption of NFTs, a first of its kind.

And the cup example is only the beginning. Users will be able to create real-world object-backed NFTs of anything, and the Uniqly platform will eventually offer physical delivery of these items should the NFTs be claimed.

Equally, users can leave their names or trademarks as a stamp of ownership of that NFT. This stamp is available on the blockchain and will last forever.

In addition to these above-named features, Uniquely also consists of a marketplace and an escrow for selling goods, including ones that weren’t created on the Uniqly platform.

On the marketplace, users would be able to sell any NFTs backed by real-world items. These NFTs can be created on the Uniqly platform, but don’t have to be, allowing for more flexibility in the process of trading your digital assets. Assets can also be deposited through the on-platform escrow service.

Lastly, Uniqly will allow for the physical redemption of NFTs! Users that own exclusive NFTs can have them created to 3D models on the Uniqly platform, with a QR Code to show that it was created from the original asset.

Growth Plan

Uniqly has developed a stepwise detailed plan to ensure that this idea takes off and the Uniqly platform achieves mass adoption.

Immediately after the token sale event, Uniqly will earnestly begin networking with contractors for the physical delivery of NFTs. During this time, we will also simultaneously grow our community while bringing more and more users to the platform.

Our complete roadmap can be found here.

Token Sale Plan

Having completed a successful seed round, Uniquely will engage in two private sales and eventually two public sales to secure funding for the project. The complete sale schedule can be found here on the website. Below are a few important details.

Why Uniqly?

Uniqly is different. We aren’t another mass producer of meme NFTs or a platform that won’t be relevant just a month after launch. Uniqly is a platform that has identified the versatility and usefulness of the NFT and has created something of value that revolves around the NFT. The NFT market is a huge one: Valued at over a billion dollars. With a really useful product like Uniqly based in such a highly valued and ever-growing market, it’s easy to see that success, in this case, is inevitable.

About Uniqly.io

Uniqly.io — the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

Uniqly.io is a Marketplace and Escrow.

Marketplace — We allow our users to trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items. Anyone will be able to create their own unique landing page and list their products created in our generator, or deposited via escrow.

Escrow — We have created a solution that allows you to easily trade all physical products, even those that were not created in our Generator, including clothing, works of art, collectibles, and more.

Materialize and stake NFT tokens.

Materialize NFT — Uniqly.io brings you the possibility to materialize your favorite NFT tokens from outside of our ecosystem, such as Cryptopunks, Hashmasks, SuperRare, and many, many more!

Stake NFT — Some limited NFT collections will be available in exchange for freezing UNIQ tokens for an appropriate period of time, in cooperation with other projects we will create additional mining pools.

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The first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

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