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Uniqly Genesis Collection Update

We are thrilled to announce that the transition of Genesis Collection to the new, fixed smart contract has been completed! All holders of NFTs from Genesis Collection received new, corresponding NFT from the new collection.


  • 3787 NFTs in total were minted on a new smart contract and distributed to owners of NFTs from the old Genesis Collection.
  • Genesis Collection is now tradeable on OpenSea. (https://opensea.io/collection/uniqly-genesis)
  • A new distribution model was implemented.
  • The official relaunch of the Genesis Collection will be announced on August 17.

For some time we were struggling with the technical issues related to our Genesis Collection. Luckily, the time has come to end that phase. Now we move forward with the fully functional Genesis Collection deployed on a new smart contract.

Fair launch

Some of you may wonder what is the reason behind the migration. Due to technical issues not being detected during the external audit, the collection was separated into two smart contracts. One had NFTs with IDs from #0 to #1499, while another one IDs #1500+.

Old smart contracts:

  1. 0x94170434f82345a6630fa7945f991d201e1922db
  2. 0x9293fdc3132608e68bd008f0d45a0c91bc2ad23f

Due to that, the rarity of the collection was separated. Together with the issue of reselling the items on the OpenSea, the previous Genesis Collection was struggling with the technical issues.

This led us to the decision of deploying Genesis Collection on a new, fully functional smart contract, as we believe that it is, and will be, the crucial element of the Uniqly ecosystem.

Genesis Collection on the new smart contract

New smart contract address: 0xecaab68e0d903067ebb89a0fefa6332ab93f7408

Link to the new OpenSea collection: https://opensea.io/collection/uniqly-genesis

Together with the transition, 3787 NFTs in total were minted and distributed to the owners of NFTs from the old smart contract. Each holder received a corresponding item from the Genesis Collection on the new smart contract.

During the minting process, we had 7th place in Top Gas Guzzlers (9th on ss) of Ethereum mainnet! In total, 13 ETH was spent on minting and distribution.

Along with the migration, NFTs from the old Genesis Collection became unusable and marked correspondingly.

What is new?

The Genesis Collection on the new smart contract fixes all the issues that we have faced so far.

Foremost, the Genesis Collection is now tradeable on OpenSea.
Here you can find an official link to the collection: https://opensea.io/collection/uniqly-genesis

First trades have already been made, opening the secondary market for Genesis Collection.

Additionally, together with the fact that the whole collection is minted on one smart contract, the correct rarity is displayed on OpenSea and other platforms.

Besides that, the new distribution model has been implemented.

After relaunch:

1) Each newly minted NFTs will be automatically revealed.

2) Flat price model has been implemented. There is a fixed price of 0.08 ETH to mint a new NFT.

Next steps

The next step in the evolution of the Genesis Collection will be the launch of a new landing page. This will take place on August 17, together with the release of the official relaunch date.

Along with the start of the relaunch, minting new NFTs from the collection will be available.

Claiming of the NFTs from the Genesis Collection will be launched by the end of August.

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