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Uniqly.io public sale round B $980k was sold out in just 4 minutes.

We at Uniqly.io have put in a ton of effort in the weeks leading to our token sales. From marketing to community building and everything in between, we didn’t leave any stone unturned in our quest to build the greatest NFT based product the world has ever seen.

After successfully selling out our both private sales and then public sale round A in 10 minutes ($680,000), yesterday we’ve accomplished something even greater — we’ve finished the last round of our presale which is public sale round B, raising a total of $980,000 in just 4 minutes!

We would love to thank every single person that believed in the Uniqly idea enough to be a small piece of this amazing milestone. You are now among the first few people to fuel the NFT revolution!

Following this amazing feat, we will not rest on our oars. We will continue to push forward as time goes on. It is our mission to revolutionize the NFT industry, and we are extremely confident that we will achieve this goal.

Thank you to our community, your support has been overwhelming from start to finish. We can’t wait to show you new features and products and interact with you all in the future. In the coming days, we’ll announce the next rounds of sales dates.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, comments, or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at any time via any of our pages on social media.

About Uniqly.io

Uniqly.io — the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

Uniqly.io is a Marketplace and Escrow.

Marketplace — We allow our users to trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items. Anyone will be able to create their own unique landing page and list their products created in our generator, or deposited via escrow.

Escrow — We have created a solution that allows you to easily trade all physical products, even those that were not created in our Generator, including clothing, works of art, collectibles, and more.

Materialize and stake NFT tokens.

Materialize NFT — Uniqly.io brings you the possibility to materialize your favorite NFT tokens from outside of our ecosystem, such as Cryptopunks, Hashmasks, SuperRare, and many, many more!

Stake NFT — Some limited NFT collections will be available in exchange for freezing UNIQ tokens for an appropriate period of time, in cooperation with other projects we will create additional mining pools.

Generator and proof of ownership — On Uniqly.io you will be able to create a product, and then base it on an NFT token e.g. T-shirt, hoodie, mug, flip-flops, etc. (50+ products) with the possibility of claiming it, and signing it on Etherscan with your Full Name/Nickname on the burning transaction, and then we will materialize it, and add a QR code which will lead you to the burning transaction on Etherscan.

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The first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

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