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Uniqly Partners with Enjin to Bring Physical NFTs to Efinity.

Uniqly is proud to announce our partnership with and plans to adopt their powerful cross-chain NFT technology. As pioneers of the NFT space, we are happy to have the support of Enjin in developing the Uniqly ecosystem as we build on .

Since 2009, Enjin has been a major player in the digital space and transitioned into one of the leading figures in blockchain ecosystem development and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Since then, the Enjin Platform and its ERC-1155 token standard have helped countless projects mint and adopt NFTs with ease.

Uniqly is one of those projects, but it’s more than that. We are proud to announce Enjin, which we believe will be one of the most valuable assets in the NFT world during the coming years, as a partner in this pivotal moment.

Like , the team at Uniqly has designed a whole ecosystem that is being deployed right now as a bridge between the digital NFT world and the mainstream market. Based on the UNIQ token, the system functions as a marketplace, an escrow service, and NFT generator, allowing for the materialization of NFTs into physical items.

As we develop the Uniqly ecosystem on Enjin’s upcoming Efinity blockchain, we will work hand in hand with their team to push the technical boundaries of the NFT space.

Soon, we will have the first planned release of the year: A limited-edition collection of designer NFT shirts, all redeemable via token burn process. We have planned a generation system, where each shirt will have a unique serial number.

From the 1,000 available designs, users will be able to choose from which tier they want to purchase their shirt, and an RTF will then assign them a specific design from that bracket.

This is the first collection of clothing NFTs backed by actual physical products, and we are proud to announce our collaboration with the Enjin team at a time where the world is looking to use NFTs in more innovative ways.

Enjin isn’t new to endorsing promising start-ups, and working with them will aid us tremendously in the coming months.

With the help of their robust blockchain infrastructure, we will enable faster, smoother, and more secure transactions. Their tools and services will be a key factor for the fast growth and organic development of the Uniqly platform, and ensuring ease of use for our ecosystem.

Enjin has always been known for its versatility and utility, but we are working with them because we understand their drive for relentless innovation.

They have bridged the gap between many separate ecosystems, from gaming to fashion and digital art, and we are excited to provide an easy bridge between the physical market and the digital one.

With the in March, they unveiled a vision of an interconnected cross-chain NFT market, where users can easily use and receive NFTs from any blockchain.

Working with Enjin will allow us to take the first step towards a global, decentralized market that blurs the lines between the physical and digital world.

Moving forward, their non-fungible tech stack will bring unbounded liquidity to their partners and an unprecedented user experience to the NFT community.

Projects like Uniqly will be able to function at higher speeds, with faster transactions, trades, and highly optimized features.

The paradigm shift has already begun and we are incredibly excited to be one of the engines of change, pushing towards a new form of meritocratic market.

Closure time.

Build with Enjin: If you’re a developer, creator, or brand interested in creating NFTs, please . And if you’d like to learn more about Efinity, Enjin’s blockchain purpose-built for NFTs, take a look at their .

Uniqly contact infos: If you are interested in contacting us you can do so at . You can read more about our vision, our plans to serve the current market gap, and our roadmap for the future by reading our .

About Uniqly.io

Uniqly.io is a Marketplace and Escrow.

Marketplace — We allow our users to trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items. Anyone will be able to create their own unique landing page and list their products created in our generator, or deposited via escrow.

Escrow — We have created a solution that allows you to easily trade all physical products, even those that were not created in our Generator, including clothing, works of art, collectibles, and more.

Materialize and stake NFT tokens.

Materialize NFT — Uniqly.io brings you the possibility to materialize your favorite NFT tokens from outside of our ecosystems, such as Cryptopunks, Hashmasks, SuperRare, and many, many more!

Stake NFT — Some limited NFT collections will be available in exchange for freezing UNIQ tokens for an appropriate period of time, in cooperation with other projects we will create additional mining pools.

Generator and proof of ownership — On Uniqly.io you will be able to create a product, and then base it on an NFT token e.g. T-shirt, hoodie, mug, flip-flops, etc. (50+ products) with the possibility of claiming it, and signing it on Etherscan with your Full Name/Nickname on the burning transaction, and then we will materialize it, and add a QR code which will lead you to the burning transaction on Etherscan.

Learn More About Uniqly.io

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The first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

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