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Uniqly Project Update #6

We welcome everyone already part of our amazing community, and our newcomers, to a new Uniqly Project Update!

Today we will be going over what happened in the last couple of weeks in Uniqly, including the big reveals we made for the future. There is a lot to go over, and we are delighted to announce that a good chunk of the upcoming updates will be focused on accessibility and new integrations.

Let’s go over our main focuses during this last stretch of Q4, and what we have already achieved with our amazing collaborators.

Uniqly Stores Revolution

During the same period as Uniqly award-winning performance at the AIBC summit, our collaborators were hard at work, creating and implementing new Stores on our platform.

We give a warm welcome to the Stores of UFC Superstar Jan Blachowicz, to the famous VirtusPro gaming Org, that has just entered the NFT world with Uniqly as their bridge, and of course to the already known and loved CyberKongz collection.

We also have some huge personalities like the CryptoStache and Cagyjan, and we can’t forget NFT.NYC, of which Uniqly just became the official partner.

With all those new Stores coming, we have also implemented a solution that permits users to buy more than one item with a single purchase, slashing down costs for people that wanted to buy multiple goodies that caught their eyes and were previously stopped by the fees, while also adding ETH, UNIQ, and BANANA as payment for our Stores.

We have some more news on the side of our Store partners as we have started to implement new features for them, like the possibility to add requirements to buy particular items, giving more use cases to our previous collections.

Our collaboration with CyberKongz will keep deepening with the reveal of their CyberKongzV2 Store, with their exclusive new entries and other amazing designs available for purchase only from our platform.

Uniqly Polygon Integration

We all know that the homeland of NFTs is Ethereum but together with its growing popularity and increasing price of ETH, extreme gas fees have drastically limited its utility for many users. That’s why Polygon stepped in and upped their game massively, giving us the same level of flexibility Ethereum did while doing away with the always-increasing fees.

Our tech team is especially focusing on the full and seamless integration with Polygon, meaning that our Stores, Marketplace, and the newly reintroduced Generator will all be available on this Chain, slashing down the transaction costs on the user part massively.

This will also permit us to move with more confidence while we explore the Metaverse alongside our community, and during the development phases of our AR solutions.

Uniqly won’t only be at the forefront of NFT development, we will be doing so on a variety of chains, with the clear objective in mind of becoming a truly 360-degree ecosystem that anyone can access with minimal effort.

Miscellanea and QOL Updates

With all those new big changes, we don’t want to lose track of the details, that’s why we will be going over the last smaller updates that we made to keep our website experience smooth and pleasant.

We have massively simplified the redeem procedure, by streamlining it into a single redeem path with no user verification required, while also speeding up the process by cutting out the approval on the Uniqly admin side, meaning that you will now be able to instantly redeem your item right after payment.

Some other adjustments have been made, like adding new greenlit arrows as transaction links, and also giving users more sizes to choose from for our Hoodies and Shirts, with clothing articles including sizes up to quadruple XL.

The redeem metadata will also be visible as an attribute to let the users know that their transaction has been successful and their item has been correctly redeemed.

We also updated some of the graphics on our platform in preparation for the big update of the team SubPage coming in the following weeks, as Uniqly is growing fast behind the scenes.

And especially for the newer faces in the Uniqly community, we have prepared an extensive FAQ subpage on our platform that will be able to answer the majority of your questions, for anything else don’t forget to check out our Telegram.

We also don’t want you to forget that we will be going over a special Holiday surprise during December, as we have something really big planned for everyone in the community.

Uniqly Update Recap

  • Addition of multiple Stores: CyberKongzV2, Cagyjan, CryptoStache, VirtusPro, NFT.NYC, Jan Blachowicz.
  • Addition of new payment methods: all ERC 20 tokens may be implemented as payment methods, available methods at the moment ETH, UNIQ, BANANA.
  • Main Developer team: Working on Polygon integration for the full roster of Uniqly Features.
  • Miscellanea and QOL: Reveal soon of Uniqly Holiday surprise, Update to the team SubPage, new faster, more streamlined Redeem Path and multiple item solution for purchases on the Uniqly stores.

We are happy to share what’s going on behind the scenes with our community, but the best way to always be updated on Uniqly movements is to follow us on our media and announcement channels, so don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Telegram and remember that even if you miss something, a new update is just around the corner.



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