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Uniqly Project Update | Renewed ecosystem with new marketplace

After this intensive period, we come back with our Uniqly Project Update! In the last few weeks, we have accomplished many important updates, from implementing our new website look to the launch of the Marketplace & Stores and more.

It is not a secret to say that the previous weeks and months in Uniqly were mainly driven by the platform and products development. Now, we can proudly admit that we have achieved that, and our ecosystem has expanded significantly.

Finally, our platform is ready to help brands, projects, influencers, artists, and creators generate NFT collections for their communities, who can then redeem the NFTs for physical assets with full Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain.

This makes us the first of its kind, what we treat as a big success. Recently, a few important actions were made to build that position.

A smoother website experience

The first of our enhanced user experience is our website. The renewed website includes a new look and feel, and an enhanced ‘Stores’ section to broaden the options NFT enthusiasts have to create and own tokens.

The Stores section has been divided into two categories — Drops & Stores.

Collections launched through Drops aim to be more exclusive and time-limited, while Stores will contain regular collections that may be available on the platform for a longer period of time.

Brand new marketplace

Complementary to our ecosystem’s NFT trading infrastructure, the feature-packed marketplace will empower our community to trade NFT tokens alongside global brands and popular influencers in the NFT community.

The NFT tokens on the marketplace are all verified by us and, if redeemed as a real-world asset, comes with a verification certificate and a special pair of QR codes attached to each item, providing full Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain.

We believe that it is the first NFT marketplace in the world that allows NFT owners to realize their digital assets in the physical world.

Limited edition Drops

Expanding on our unique product offering, we have partnered with brands, projects, influencers, and artists across various spaces such as esports, crypto, and NFT communities, among others, to give you the chance to snipe limited-edition drops.

For the opening, three Drops of Partners & Collaborators from different industries were launched.

You have the chance to get your hands on unique items limited by time or quantity from our exclusive partners. Early partners include Vitrus Pro, CryptoStache, NFT.NYC, Jan Blachowicz with many more to come!

Escrow in the pipeline

We are not losing pace, as further updates and new products are in the pipeline.

The next tool in our ecosystem may be attractive especially for mainstream brands and projects. Launching before the end of the year, Escrow gives our users the option to tokenize products and services as NFTs.

This innovative product will be mostly focused around mainstream brands, enhancing their entrance in the NFT space.

The important fact is that tokenization is not limited to a particular type of item — brands can tokenize any of their products from clothing to luxury items to works of art and more. Thanks to that, our Escrow will bring a wide range of benefits to its users, from rapid digital transfers to an approachable secondary market, giving them a seamless entryway into the world of NFTs.

Thanks, everyone for lasting till the end. As you can see, the ecosystem achieves its maturity, giving now a solid foundation to start activities related to other parts of Uniqly such as UNIQ token and our NFTs.

Stay UNIQ!

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