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Uniqly Project Update #5

A few very busy weeks have passed, and as always our recap is jam-packed with exciting news! We will go over them in detail below, but let’s reassume everything in a quick format first:

  • Uniqly Genesis collection Relaunch, sale numbers, collection Closure, and new use cases revealed.
  • Final preparation phases for marketing campaign and subsequent Marketplace and Uniqly Store releases.
  • The vesting period end, and the subsequent addition of tokens and Gifts to holders' portfolios, including the end of vesting bonus, changed from 2% to 5%.
  • Addition of NFTs to our pre-launch version of the Uniqly Stores, with great personalities like Brycent and Satoshi Stacker as pioneers of our Stores for the pre-launch.
  • Launchpad QOL and interface changes, polishing of features and addition of minting options directly on launchpad
  • QOL and Interface changes and miscellanea for various features already present on the platform.

Now, for a more detailed explanation, let’s start from the top!

Uniqly Genesis Collection News

As the first original Uniqly release, the Genesis Collection is very important to us, that’s why after the discovery of a smart contract issue that led to a split up in the rarity of the items, and the inability to interact with the Opensea platform, instead of cutting the losses and closing out the collection we re-minted every shirt and airdropped the already sold product to our NFT holders.

This has set new sails to our collection and we are very happy to see the number of NFT sold and the many profitable sales that came out of our collection on markets like Opensea and Rarible after the bug-fix.

But after the interest of the community switched to new products, like our recently opened Uniqly Stores, that have seen an enthusiastic response from you all, we decided to close out the collection and add a new set of Use Cases for owners of the Genesis NFTs.

This transition is necessary for our team to keep the focus on other ongoing projects, while also giving a very tangible reward to the people that supported us since the start.

You will be able to find a more detailed breakdown here:

End Of Vesting News

With September, Vesting came to an end, and with more UNIQ tokens injected into the circulation, we were looking at a scenario that statistically should have had a negative impact on the price. We are very happy to see that instead our holders are still with us, and the UNIQ is within normal market parameters during a BTC correction.

The overwhelming response from our community also led us to the decision of changing the end of vesting bonus from 2% of the platform profit to 5%. This was done to give you a greater insight into the state of the project, and we are happy with what we have achieved in those short six months. We plan to keep working hard and make your time with us worthwhile for many years to come!

Marketplace Preparation News

This month we have already had some big releases, but the biggest one has yet to come. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Marketplace is coming, and we are in the last phases before launch.

The marketing campaign is primed and ready to go, and currently, we are polishing the coding of one of our last big features. In particular, we are preparing for further interaction with outside sources and proceeding with the Opensea API integration, so buckle up your seatbelts, because we are almost ready for launch.

Uniqly Stores News

The Uniqly Stores has been a conceptual idea that has gestated for a long time before launch, and we decided to split it into two parts to test the waters, and what can we say: the waters have been tested and they are hot as lava.

The pre-launch has been a massive success, with personalities like Brycent and Satoshi Stacker, as well as El Crypto Chapo and the CyberKongz, coming to open their Stores on our platform to sell exclusive merchandise only possible thanks to the collaboration with Uniqly.

We are very satisfied with what we have achieved with Uniqly Stores, and we will keep adding new personalities, along with the full release coming soon to our platform.

Miscellanea News

All miscellanea are quality of life and minor changes to keep the quality of our features as high as possible.

  • Added filters in the stores
  • Split distribution of vesting rewards in two parts for faster allocation
  • Working on the addition of the possibility of deleting a generated but not yet initialized item from the item page
  • Added Physical items in the My Items Tab

Learn More About Uniqly.io

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