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Vesting Rewards Explanation

Over one week ago the vesting period has been completed and all presale participants are now able to claim their tokens. Together with this action, our patient community members that held UNIQ till the end receive 5%! (not 2% as we initially intended) of the platform’s profit from the last 5 months.

Days in crypto are running at a rapid pace and our Team is restlessly working on the platform development. During the summer, we have successfully delivered Claiming Module and showed you the idea behind the Stores in pre-launch. The cherry on the top will be the launch of the Marketplace that is right around the corner.

Those actions aim to build a sustainable ecosystem which in the long run will help us bring more innovation to the NFT space.

Platform profit

Despite the full focus on the development, in the first months of existence, our platform has generated profit from the sale of our Genesis Collection and some minor inflows from other services. Of course, all streams will be shared with our community!

Apart from activities like buyback burn and others, 5% of that number will be distributed to the users that held their token till the end of the vesting period.

Although the initial concept was to distribute 2% of the platform profit, due to an enormous number of users that held their tokens through the whole vesting period, we decided to increase the value to 5%.

Number of eligible users

The popularity of keeping UNIQ tokens till the end of the vesting period overcome our all expectations.

In total, there were 950 users that bought UNIQ in one of the private/presale rounds and participated in the vesting.

Out of that number, 509 users held their tokens till the very end!

We are overwhelmed with such a big number of users that have stayed in the whole vesting.

That gives over 53% of users that keep their tokens for the whole duration of vesting.

Such big popularity, however, significantly decreases the share of the bonus for each user.

Share per user

Dividing the 5% of platform profit equally for all 509 users, the value of 0.012 ETH per user has been established.

As mentioned earlier, such big popularity has notably decreased the size of reward per user. We did not expect that over 50% of vesting users will hold the tokens till the end.

In total, USD 23,000 has been shared with the community.

At this stage, we can only say that the popularity has outgrown this form of reward system. We would like to thank everyone for their support and contribution.

Distribution of the rewards

Due to the fact that some users still have not claimed their tokens from vesting, we divided the distribution into batches.

First distribution for all users that have already claimed their tokens was already made.

0.012 ETH was sent to 255 users.

Here you can find the TXID from the distribution.


The second batch will take place once the rest of the tokens will be withdrawn.

Further steps

The end of vesting is an important moment for us, that shows that the project is getting closer to achieve its full functionality.

The next steps on the horizon are the update of the Genesis Collection and the launch of Marketplace & Stores. Both will take place in September, so interesting days are upon us.



The first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

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