Can our Souls Resist Immortality?

With the upcoming medical advancements, there have been many questions if immortality is possible. The head transplant procedure that was supposed to happen at the end of 2018, has never happened or at least we have been informed, no matter if it has or has not, we first need to look at an aspect that the people who planned this have passed by.

The importance of our soul is crucial, we still do not know but can only wonder if our soul is immortal or not. Many philosophers have tried to tie things together by the use of religion or the existence of an afterlife in which our souls can live an eternal life sort of say. It is also mentioned that souls have an existence in order to offer humans a not so depressing life. Back in the day when technology was still quite primitive people were born, told that they have to work most of their life and die whenever God decides. It is imperative to understand that all which people had was their faith in a certain religion and the hope of a better afterlife, even if they say simple things in life do make you very happy they did not have many of those moments.

Immortality, as we know it, has been described as more of a legend upon the people who have lived over the age of 100 years old, this has been more of a commodity rather than a rarety in the past as there was no technology to allow the sharing of such information worldwide. I do intend to believe that immortality is more of a folkloric tale rather than anything else, but as technology keeps progression and evolving most folkloric tales that we believed will never be possible are becoming reality. It will probably take another 40 years at least until we can find some sort of equation to solve this ‘problem’.

I guess a better question that needs to be asked before the main one is: Should we live forever?

I do not think that life is meant to be that way, As every bit of wood that burns out so should everything in this world have an end, it is not necessarily that I want this, however, it seems natural. As much as I know we would all love to enjoy the good things in life forever as well as knowing that we never have to fear death by old age it is something miraculous but, where would the world go in this manner. Knowing that time and time again you see people around you dying and you still alive however you just feel as if you should not be there.

Life has brought many strange things since the beginning of this world however, this is over us, or at least we would believe. The same thing happened in the 19th century when every doctor would say that a heart transplant is something which is impossible to perform because of various reasons. However, one Romanina Surgeon had the guts to try and save a man’s life as he has given the oath to do so, in the end after an 11-hour long surgery he has proven the World Medical School wrong showing once again that something which is impossible is only an improbability. Therefore the Brain transplant surgery or better yet the body transplant surgery which we need should not be seen as something impossible and at the same time should offer us the possibility to become immortal.

On the other hand, our souls might tell a very different story when it comes to this, it is not easy and it has never been to live life no matter how rich or poor you are, we all have some sort of challenges in life to which we apply different solutions. Our soul can change its purity from day to night, it is a good representation of our personality to which we can describe with only the use of psychology. In reality, our soul should resist such a rough road but the question is for how long? There are still quite many mental obstacles to immortality to which or knowledge is insufficient to solve.

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