Chiromatia: How long you have to live

The Ancient art of Palm reading

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
Aug 15 · 4 min read
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A way in which you can find out how long you have to live or how many years you have till you die. This word comes from the Greek language and it is the combination between two words, Chiros and Maria which translates to hand and divinity. This is not a guessing game performed by a fortune teller or a witch but something that has been tested through the years of human history.

Have you ever wondered why we have lines in our palms and not just simple alignment of skin? Another interesting fact is that through the billions of people on this planet there is no one with an identical palm. What is even more interesting is that even twins that should be similar in every way, shape or form do not have the same lines in their palms. This is because the lines in the palms can be seen as a book holding the destiny of one’s life. This is where Chiromatia comes into play, there have even been many studies throughout history that have tried to prove the reasoning as to why we all have different palms and not the same. premonitions of seemingly accidental, sometimes fatal, predispositions; but it constitutes a correct disclosure of the whole complex of psychic, physical, intellectual phenomena, which are fixed for the destiny of each one, which sometimes appears and disappears according to conjuncture and education; this is because, from stage to stage, it is important to know, under the influence commanded by circumstances or under the authority of self-education, some lines of the palm are changed, new features appear or others disappear. Due to this strange functionality, it is good for any human being — and especially parents — to know the Chiromatia to influence the life path of their children, reading them in the palm of their native predispositions, guiding them the way towards those professions that nature has given them with namely skills or vocations

How does Chiromatia work?

First of all you have to pick the dominant hand of a person or the hand which they use the most to perform most actions such as writing with a certain hand. This is important because both of your palms will also differ so they can again tell a different story.

Now we will take a look at the first horizontal line which presents itself to be the love life, the longer and thicker this line is the more you will love and the more you will be loved by the people around you. a verticle line or a break this represents a heartbreak or a breakup in a person’s life.

The second horizontal line is the success line. The thicker and longer this line presents itself to be the more the person will achieve in their life. Small cracks represent certain Startups that just haven’t worked out as they do not continue.

The line which runs across the main muscle of the palm that is attached to the thumb is the lifeline. The stronger and more connected the line this represents that you will live a life with not many health issues and quite long life. As you would assume, the longer the line the longer you will live. Lines that cut through this curved line are incidents in your life that may have caused danger to your life such as serious medical issues or even accidents that have putten your life at risk.

It is imperative to acknowledge that this is a choice of belief such as different types of mysterious that try to explain life or even religion.

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