Deceptive Motivation

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Motivation itself can come in many different forms, however, most effective motivation is proven to come in a deceptive form. Gaining or offering motivation is a psychological game. You want to create hope for the person that is fighting for a certain goal in life. Deceptive motivation is about offering a different perspective to the end of the goal itself, trying to make the end goal look a lot more glamorous than it will truly be. There are quite a few factors that are used as gears to maintain this deceptive motivation.

This type of motivation is usually used by a coach or mentor and cannot be used by a person on its own as it must come from a different source. Many people do not see it but, from a psychological point of view, most motivator or even motivational speakers use deception in their story of motivation.


This factor is quite overlooked because many people do not realize when they apply excessive exaggeration in order to persuade or in this case motivate. The way that this is applied is by either exaggerating with the reward that is waiting at the end of the goal, let’s be realistic for a moment as most of the times in life you will work at a 10/1 ration which represents something such as working 10 hours for 1 dollar. A better example would be the progression in sports, as this is a constant fight to remain in the first place. All of the fighting and pain that you go through will only seem worth it by the psychological factor implemented by the social group around you when truly, it is never worth it. I do not mean to be demotivating or say that pursuing a lifetime of sportsmanship isn’t worth it but we need to be more misleading with our minds in order to motivate our own consciousness.

The second type of exaggeration that is used in deceptive motivation is when implying the ‘huge’ ability of a certain person to succeed. A person may have the potential but, not always the ability to reach a certain goal. It is obvious that you will not tell that person that they do not have what it takes to reach the end goal as this will kill all the motivation that there is and any future potential of gaining back interest in pursuing that certain goal. We use this type of exaggeration in order to push a person over its limits.


In order to believe all of these exaggerated encouragements, you need to trust the person in what they are saying. The person focusing on lowering your locus of control in order for you to gain trust in his words. At the same time, this has another effect, you are also building trust in yourself. In order to maintain long term motivation, you need to trust yourself and your abilities. On the other hand, if we look at this from a different perspective you would think that all of this exaggerated encouragement should have a negative effect as the person will lose trust seeing that they are not able to reach the exaggerated limits (surpass their limits).

Psychology is about applying different factors from many different perspectives. The mind of a person is so complex and unique it is only in twins that we are able to find similarities within the mind.


As you can see all of the factors that have been presented so far are falling in place just as an engine with the right gears to function. This is a very good way of thinking as well as implementing such a mental process as Deceptive Motivation. Persuasion is the most important as you need to maintain the motivation within a person. When it comes to persuasion towards motivation it is more than just persuading a person, it is offering them the hope of a lifetime.

‘One minute of pain can bring a lifetime of Glory’


Anger can be used as a factor in order to take advantage of the state of mind that is present when this state occurs. This is when the determination is at it’s highest peak, however, it must be driven into the right direction. If anger can be controlled it can be used as a motivational factor,(here is an article about anger being a motivational factor).

We can take advantage of this by manipulating the mind more easily towards a certain goal.

Motivation has to be deceptive in order to be efficient. As always it is all a mind game, our mind is the biggest obstacle in life because we all have the potential to achieve whatever we desire, what is left is to unlock the right mindset in order to help you progress.

Unique Mindsets

Every person has a different perspective on life that can be unique. This publication wants to portray the unique mindsets and ideas that come from writers.

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Unique Mindsets

Every person has a different perspective on life that can be unique. This publication wants to portray the unique mindsets and ideas that come from writers.

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