Unique Mindsets-Submission Requirements and Guidelines 📜

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We are happy that you want to write for our publication and share our enthusiasm for spreading knowledge to an interested audience. We are mainly in the look for topics mentioned below however, we accept your unique point of view on anything.

  • Creative Writing
  • Development
  • Future
  • Life
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Uniqueness

We will publish one article per writer a day so please be patient as all your submitted articles will be published. We expect at least one article per week as we like to keep our followers entertained.

Submission Rules and Requirements

  1. We accept only unpublished drafts.
  2. Please make sure that this is your own work and there are no copyright or plagiarism incidents. We entrust our writers to be mature and well aware of such things.
  3. Make sure that there are no errors or spelling mistakes. We do understand that you are a human and therefore mistakes are accepted however, please proofread your work before submission.
  4. All submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules and Ad-Free Policy.
  5. Stories that are part of the Partner’s Program must comply with Medium content Guidelines and Curation Guidelines.
  6. Please do not try to promote or sell something on this publication.
  7. All submissions must be in English, (with the exception of specific phrases in different languages that must be explained or translated in brackets).
  8. Submissions must stay within the publication. We will remove writers that delete their work from the publication.
  9. Submissions must follow our guidelines.
  10. Stories and articles must be at least 500words long!
  11. Please avoid using profanity.


Try to keep a formal writing style that is descriptive and interesting for the reader. Using complex words is great, however, if you are not good with them to try to avoid using them. Try to maintain good grammar and keep a positive attitude whilst writing. We do not have complex guidelines as we like to offer creative freedom to the writer.

Just make sure to use one picture or photo between the title and the main body. You must use at least one picture or photo. The Image that you use must be copyright free. The image between the title/subtitle and the main body will be the featured photo for the article. In this publication, we encourage our writers to use as many visuals (images, videos, gifs) as they want in order to offer a better understanding of their idea to the reader.

As we are a more Unique publication we want to offer the writer the freedom to format their story in a way that they think it portrays their story the best.

Requesting to become a writer

Please send an email to atapalaga97@gmail.com with your Medium URL link to your profile as well as an unsubmitted draft that you wish to publish to our publication. You will receive a response in 7 working days if you have been accepted or not into the publication.

For other questions please send an email to atapalaga97@gmail.com.

Unique Mindsets

Every person has a different perspective on life that can be unique. This publication wants to portray the unique mindsets and ideas that come from writers.

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️

Written by

Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life” atapalaga97@gmail.com /University of Surrey

Unique Mindsets

Every person has a different perspective on life that can be unique. This publication wants to portray the unique mindsets and ideas that come from writers.

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