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deNFT Launches #ArtSapotRakyat on Unique.One Polygon — Unique.One

deNFT was founded and championed by a group of blockchain experts and enthusiasts. With combined experience in blockchain, business, marketing, PR, and IT industries, deNFT aims to become a major NFT ecosystem by providing credible, reliable, and trustworthy platforms to impact and transform artists’ lives through the evolution of blockchain technology.

deNFT is now launching the #ArtSapotRakyat Campaign on the Unique.One Polygon Art Marketplace by auctioning artworks with the theme “Hope, Unity, and Solidarity” which will run until the end of October 2021.

The fundraising target is $200k USD which will be split into three parts — to the artists, to deNFT to cover expenses, and to the community via qualified NGOs. 40% of the proceeds will be donated to designated charity organizations in Malaysia.

Malaysians are Struggling Due to the Fallout of Covid19

In Malaysia, Covid 19 cases continue to climb by the day and national lockdown continues indefinitely. Health workers across the country are suffering from burnout while hospitals are forced to increase capacity. More Malaysians are being deprived of their livelihood as they lose their source of income.

Cases of unemployment are on the rise, as are incidences of starvation, suicide, and mental health challenges. Unemployment has devastated the country with job losses in retail, hospitality, services, and more — including artists.

One of the most prominent Malaysian art galleries, the Galeri Petronas, has been forced to close after 28 years of featuring countless significant exhibitions, publications, and programmes for both local & international artists.

Most artists are struggling greatly due to the absence of exhibitions, closure of art galleries, and postponement of events, leaving artists without any avenue to exhibit and market their masterpieces since the start of the pandemic.

Businesses are warning the economy is at a breaking point and mass unemployment is a real risk. While the Malaysian government continues to struggle with its own chaos, the people of Malaysia are suffering greatly.

#ArtSapotRakyat means ‘Art Supports People’

The primary goal of the deNFT initiated campaign #ArtSapotRakyat is to assist households in need. The #ArtSapotRakyat Campaign aims to support Covid 19 affected communities via the sale of involved artists’ and designers’ artwork by leveraging NFT technology.

In addition, this will also be a safe way of generating revenue for artists themselves who are losing revenue during such trying times. Overall, deNFT’s end goal is to establish a meaningful and purposeful campaign for deNFT, artists, and the community.

#ArtSapotRakyat Supported NGOs

The Hope Branch is a non-profit organisation focusing on providing humanitarian aid, medical relief, and sustainable health development during both crisis and non-crisis times in the view of alleviating human suffering.

The Hope Branch was founded in 2020 by Malaysia’s famous comedian, Harith Iskandar and his wife, when the pandemic first started. Since then, they’ve been supporting the frontliners’ PPE suits and providing assistance to needy families that have been severely impacted by Covid 19.

During this pandemic, The Hope Branch — Pertubuhan Harapan Amal Harith Iskander — is launching a MCO 3.0 Post Ramadhan COVID Food Drive to help homeless, single parents, OKU, B40 and marginalized communities in Malaysia. This year, The Hope Branch works hand in hand with DBKL and reaches out to vulnerable families who need help.

Refuge for Refugees started off as a project in June 2012, with a simple wish to help certain refugee schools to stay open. Fast forward 9 years later, they are able to feed more families than ever ranging from refugees, migrants and the B40 communities campaign goal.

Today, Refuge For The Refugees (RFTR) is also a one-stop centre that looks into advocating for the rights of refugees in Malaysia. From policy and advocacy work, all the way down to case management, individual support and providing educational programmes, the aim of RFTR is to provide the best possible care and support to the community, being mindful to include them in creating solutions.

How to Onboard as an Artist for #ArtSapotRakyat

Visit the deNFT website for more information on how to sign up to be an artist in the #ArtSapotRakyat Campaign Auction. All submitted artworks will be curated for the auction on the Unique.One Polygon Art Marketplace NFT platform. The purchase of each NFT art piece will come with the physical artwork if the artist wished to include it as unlockable content for the winning bidder.

Join the deNFT Official Community Telegram Group for updated information.

Originally published at https://www.unique.one on September 6, 2021.




Unique One Network is a Substrate-based, next-generation decentralised NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

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Unique One

A Substrate-based next-generation NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

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