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ETHDenver NFT Auction on Unique.One

Experience Ethereum History on Unique.One

June 11th-June 26th

ETHDenver is infamous as the largest Web3 hackathon (#BUIDLathon) in the world for both Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers.

Join the celebration as ETHDenver evolves into a Community-Owned Organization with the launch of its SPORK DAO.

Bufficorn, PegaBufficorn, Spork Marmot, BuffiGWEI, and more!

Rare, early provenance, and surprise characters from the ETHDenver Bufficorn family-themed art collection by talented artists will be auctioned on the Unique.One Art Marketplace beginning June 11th.

Launching $SPORK!

Artists and patrons of the NFT Auction on Unique.One will be rewarded in $SPORK — the ETHDenver Official Community DAO token!

ETHDenver Physical and Virtual NFT Art Galleries

In addition to art on the Unique.One NFT Art Marketplace physical art will be on display in the

RiNo Art District near downtown Denver, Colorado.

Wed-Sat 2pm-10pm, June 11th — 26th at 2pm MDT!

2611 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80204 (Map)

(Down the stairs, at the entrance of Osaka Ramen)

Not in Denver? No worries!

Explore the ETHDenver Virtual Reality Art Gallery on Cryptovoxels.

Swag on sale at Metafactory!

All proceeds benefit the future projects of ETHDenver and the SPORK DAO Community.

Bufficorns, PegaBufficorns, MegaPegaBufficorns, and BuffiGWEI all choose the $SPORK as their tool of choice when collaborating to #BUIDL the decentralized future — ETHDenver

Learn more about ETHDenver’s SPORK DAO here.

Watch the $SPORK Launch Party and NFT Art Auction video here.



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