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$FANS Marketplace is Live!

In just less than a month, the Unique.One Volunteer Founding Team has managed to answer the call of erotic artists to launch it’s second marketplace — directly on the heels of launching Unique.One on three different blockchains within three months.

This second marketplace is an NFT Marketplace we proudly call Unique.Fans.

When we learned that NSFW NFTs have long been discriminated against on all major platforms, we had to answer the call for a marketplace that caters specifically to NSFW NFTs and allows artists to build a community of their own with their own rules.

Unique Fans is a space where creators can develop a more intimate relationship with fans who have the freedom to support the artists they care about by becoming investors in the art they appreciate.

As a community-owned decentralised NFT Adult Arts Marketplace for the growing world of digital Adult Creators and their Fans, the Unique Fans Community insists on a platform void of centralised censorship that encourages individuals to express their creativity as long as Users respect the Fans Community Terms.

The Fans Community Terms are meant for the protection of artists, the community, and to comply with international laws to ensure minors aren’t present where they shouldn’t be.

Easy onboarding for NSFW Creators

Therefore, unlike Unique.One, Unique.Fans must be a permissioned platform of sorts in that Creators do need to RSVP via a simple and easy process. However, this process is not required of buyers and traders.

Please take note that this RSVP whitelisting process is solely required to keep the platform legal and accessible — It is not to be used to selectively silence the voices of creativity in the Adult Art Genre.

On the Buyers’ side, Unique.Fans is open to anyone over 18 to purchase and trade $FANS NFTs using a Web 3 wallet such as Metamask. There are no permissioning procedures required for Buyers and Traders.

Unique.Fans does not profit from artists — it rewards them instead

Unique.Fans is a non profit net-zero fee platform and is the first platform that does not take any profits from Creators. To the contrary, they are rewarded. Like Unique.One, all users are eligible for rewards — this includes artists, buyers, and traders via Creation Minting, Transaction Mining, and Volume Mining.

Come support our leading $FANS artists such as @biancanievess @silviapold @IsabelleBlaz3 @enchantedsage @shelbyparis @thevickyjay @polam00 @coderotic @polyannie @magangangbilat @David_Boller @indecentricity @cryptonatrix among many others on the Unique.Fans Art Marketplace!



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