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Introducing Unique One Network NFT Galaxy — $UNET

Unique One Network NFT Galaxy

Since the launch of its flagship NFT Marketplace, Unique.One, Unique One Network has been preparing for the multichain interoperable future as a significant NFT platform presence in the inevitable Substrate Ecosphere.

Our community knows that we have been seeking to build on Parity Substrate for a while now. We have a good relationship with SORA, but it became clear that their current development phase and direction doesn’t support a building opportunity for us at this time — and we’re ready to build today!

We also looked at Kusama and had some great conversations with their developers. Still, we weren’t really poised to participate in high-capital crowd loans to try to win a parachain slot. So where do we go?

The Octopus Network seems like the right fit for us at this stage to be able to move into a multichain interoperable Substrate space and develop our application-specific blockchain — aka appchain.

Therefore, after successfully building out multiple fully operational NFT marketplaces across diverse sectors and chains such as ETH, xDai, BSC, and Polygon — Unique One Network is proud to announce that it’s building its mothership chain on Substrate as an appchain on the Octopus Network!

Now, let’s be clear. The Octopus Network is a multichain interoperable cryptonetwork built on NEAR protocol. The Octopus Relay is a set of smart contracts built on NEAR that controls the leased security mechanisms of the Substrate-based appchains in its multichain interoperable cryptonetwork.

So, yes, we will have our Parity Substrate! And we will also have access to the immense NEAR ecosphere as well! And our Unique One Community is coming with us on this journey!

What is Unique One NFT Galaxy and $UNET?

Our new appchain is called Unique One NFT Galaxy, and our native token is $UNET.

Unique One NFT Galaxy is a next-generation decentralized NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging the Internet of Blockchains to augment the NFT Evolution.

We believe that non-fungible token (NFT) technology will eventually become a ubiquitous and a standard feature across many mainstream industries from tech, financial and legal, to music, entertainment, marketing, and of course, the arts.

So, in addition to our current marketplaces, Unique.One, UniqueOne.Photo, and Unique.Fans, we will extend Unique One modular builds for B2B marketplaces.

We will offer a variety of NFT-as-service modules to enfranchise Web3.0 teams with the support, community, and the NFT network effects they need to scale. We have flexible startup options that eliminate financial risk by staking $UNET — our native token.

Our UNET appchain will provide services such as helping businesses build marketplaces, launch NFT projects, build metaverses, and launch new protocol tokens via NFT auction drops. And thanks to Substrate and Cosmos SDK, we can do it crosschain because of the immense reach of the Octopus Network bridge building development team.

Crosschain Interoperability

As a decentralized appchain in the Octopus Network, we’ll share interoperability with NEAR protocol and Ethereum via the Rainbow Bridge.

Additionally, we’ll be able to connect with any IBC enabled blockchains directly using the IBC Substrate pallet. The Octopus Network Substrate development team, previously known as cdot, was funded to develop the IBC Substrate pallet by the Interchain Foundation in 2020. So, we know we are working with bridge builders to defy blockchain maximalism and realize Web3.0.

Just recently, the Octopus Network team was funded to build a bridge between Astar/Shiden parachain and Cosmos. We feel confident that integrating Unique.One with the strong tech afforded by both NEAR and Octopus Network will allow us to realize our multichain interoperable future as a significant NFT presence on Web3.0.

With our own blockchain, we can also afford more power to our existing dApps — Unique.One, UniqueOne.Photo, and Unique.Fans — to bring more revenue and value to all of our Unique One Communities.

But to ensure that the move from $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS to $UNET is lucrative to all $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS holders, we will need to pause any token inflation LP rewards until we move to the Octopus network as an appchain.

Once the transition is complete, LP rewards will become available on NEAR DEXs with more lucrative opportunities, without excessive ETH gas, and seamless interoperability afforded by the NEAR user interfaces.

Transitioning to $UNET

$RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS are ERC20 tokens designed for Ethereum.

$UNET is an NEP 141 standard token. In creating NEP standards, NEAR had the opportunity to learn from ERC-20 growing pains to build a superior solution that provides a better developer and user experience.

Unique One wants to reward our community by offering an extraordinary swap ratio to transition from $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS to $UNET.

All $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS holders will be incentivized with the chance to acquire $UNET at rates far more generous than any other investors.

(In short, HODL your $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS!)

To make this possible, we must pause all LP rewards on all DEXs — Polkaswap and Uniswap — effective November 1.

Please note, this does not mean that we are pulling liquidity from Polkaswap. Our tokens remain whitelisted on Polkaswap and you may continue to participate in Polkaswap LPs for PSWAP rewards. It just means that $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS rewards must cease for Polkaswap LPs effective November 1.

$RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS holders have a window of opportunity to swap at advantageous rates. This period will be clearly announced ahead of time, so please do not worry.

$UNET Investment Opportunities

Sometime during Q1 of 2022, $UNET will have an IDO on Skyward.Finance. To participate in the IDO, you will need to set up a NEAR wallet and invest in $NEAR to purchase $UNET.

👀 There may even be an $OCT token airdrop for those participating in the upcoming IDO for $UNET! Stay tuned!

The Unique One Volunteer Founding team will be standing by to help any Unique One Community members during the IDO.

NEAR’s wallet and interface are very smooth and easy to use without the outrageous gas fees that hamper Ethereum.

We will also be publishing tutorials in the coming weeks so that Unique One Community members can get familiar with the NEAR interface before the IDO.

$UNET will be listed on Ref.finance right after the Unique One Network Appchain IDO for staking and farming opportunities.

TLDR Recap

  • Unique One Network is building an appchain on Octopus Network called Unique One NFT Galaxy.
  • ERC20 dApp tokens $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS will transition to $UNET, an NEP 141 token on NEAR protocol.
  • All $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS LP rewards on all DEXs must pause after October 31, 2021.
  • $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS will have special swap privileges when moving to $UNET, more info coming soon.
  • $UNET will have new and exciting LP staking and farming opportunities on slick NEAR DEX.

How can I get $UNET?

  1. HODL $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS for upcoming swap to $UNET.
  2. Get a NEAR wallet and invest in $NEAR to participate in the upcoming IDO on Skyward.finance

And be excited because epic changes are coming.

All Unique One Network Marketplaces Will Continue to Thrive!

All of our dApp marketplaces will continue to operate as usual.

We are not taking away; we are adding.

The time is NEAR to do what is best for our community!

If you have any questions, the community is here, always.



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